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  1. Today I was at work at wal-mart zoning when another employee comes up to me and out of no where said "I have a product to get rid of them pimples and dark spots" come to my house on the 22nd and I will give it to you. While she was saying this in my mind I was like "damn I thought my face was getting better and it wasnt so noticeable". I told her I would try it and I knew she wasnt being a bitch about it because she could have said that in the break room where all the employees be. But right now
  2. spongebob you dont have acne lol

    1. Does Dan regimen works really good with non inflamed acne because i have the money to buy his products but I dont want to watse my money on something that doesnt work
    2. I work at walmart and we had a group meeting. I look around at everybody faces and I am the only with with acne and the youngest. I dreaded when the manager introduce the new people, There was two and I was one of them. This girl stood up and wave when the manager said her name then I went, I stood up and wave but I had this uncontrollable twitch in my right cheek. Which never happen to me before except shaking.
    3. U can only put BP where the pimples is or can u put it all over your face
    4. Last week I got my first job at walmart and I find out that I was going to working 3rd shift. I wanted to buy Dan regimen but I was wondering how can i find time when i work from 10pm to 7am. Any advice will be nice
    5. I picked a pimple that i thought was ready and a little of white stuff came out then blood. The blood would not stop so I grabbed a towel and wet it and kept wiping it. The towel had large blood spots all over and then I had to hold the towel on it for about 5 min before it stopped.
    6. I did not know pimples can grow on your arms and inside your ears
    7. I straighten everything out and its all good now thanks
    8. thanks for replying everyone and yall answered my question
    9. EXACTLY and ppl have the nerve to say use proactiv, u will get clear and Im like I tried proactiv dumbass and it dont work
    10. Ok I have mild acne and this woman said I had a baby face which was she being nice not metioning my acne or idk what im trying to say hopfully maybe somebody will
    11. i had murad for about 2 months and its full of sh*t , I didnt see any results and I gettin my money back and trying DAN regimen
    12. I hate when ppl call me shy and quiet because Im not, It's just I dont want ppl looking at my face so I hardly draw attention to myself unlike my brother he has little bit of acne and scarring but he doesnt care and I tried the "I dont care" attitude but I do care what ppl think or say about me. Something Im slowly tryin to get out of but it doesnt help when I get a new pimple every other day. I see you need thick skin to have acne and be outgoing.
    13. Today I was with my dad at the university of phoenix and at the front desk was this woman. He begins to talk to her and the woman says to my dad why i wasnt in college and he said in front of everybody in the room including some cute girls "he's self conscious about his face" after he said that I look up and everybody is staring at my face. Which had a huge inflamed pimple that you can see on my forehead. I can hear the cute girls laughing and the woman saying ok while chuckling.I had a angry fa
    14. exactly couldnt have said it better myself
    15. Maybe somebody ask this already but how long does it take before DAN regimen arrives
    16. i have pimples that are grouped on the right side of my face that been right their for 2 years and i used almost everything to get some kind of results like they dont inflame or shrink. I'm wondering using DAN regimen would get rid of them or any product I should try
    17. I have this one spot on the side of my face where a pimple would grow over and over again. Is their any way i can stop this ps i didnt realize until i post this that i spell weird wrong
    18. look up the different kinds of acne online and maybe that will help