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  1. Hey, just thought id dropby and say your profile picture is mental :D

  2. Today I was at work at wal-mart zoning when another employee comes up to me and out of no where said "I have a product to get rid of them pimples and dark spots" come to my house on the 22nd and I will give it to you. While she was saying this in my mind I was like "damn I thought my face was getting better and it wasnt so noticeable". I told her I would try it and I knew she wasnt being a bitch about it because she could have said that in the break room where all the employees be. But right now
  3. thanx, and LOL, i like yours too :D

  4. spongebob you dont have acne lol

  5. Does Dan regimen works really good with non inflamed acne because i have the money to buy his products but I dont want to watse my money on something that doesnt work
  6. I work at walmart and we had a group meeting. I look around at everybody faces and I am the only with with acne and the youngest. I dreaded when the manager introduce the new people, There was two and I was one of them. This girl stood up and wave when the manager said her name then I went, I stood up and wave but I had this uncontrollable twitch in my right cheek. Which never happen to me before except shaking.
  7. U can only put BP where the pimples is or can u put it all over your face
  8. Last week I got my first job at walmart and I find out that I was going to working 3rd shift. I wanted to buy Dan regimen but I was wondering how can i find time when i work from 10pm to 7am. Any advice will be nice
  9. I picked a pimple that i thought was ready and a little of white stuff came out then blood. The blood would not stop so I grabbed a towel and wet it and kept wiping it. The towel had large blood spots all over and then I had to hold the towel on it for about 5 min before it stopped.
  10. I did not know pimples can grow on your arms and inside your ears
  11. I straighten everything out and its all good now thanks
  12. thanks for replying everyone and yall answered my question