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  1. I'm 3 months post accutane. I don't have to blot my face at all during the day, but I do have some oil production back. I'm very pleased with having balanced skin!
  2. My derm's opinion was consistant with ipledge. Wait a month. I plan on waiting a few months after that at least (depending on job situations, etc....).
  3. Hi nikki! My derm suggested starting topicals 1-2 months after the end of the course. I saw her a bit before 1 month, so she gave me the script and the option. I'll probably start at the one month mark, seeing as how I had a tiny break out at the end of my cycle this month. Ugh! (when I say tiny, I mean tiny, I had a hard time telling if it was really active or something else)
  4. sorry to threadjack, but I'm interested too! were your results from retin-a permanant or did you find that red marks and scars came back?
  5. My derm told me that as long as meds control heartburn, it's okay. Just tread lightly, don't let it get worse. And, don't let it turn into something else. Good luck!
  6. Hey MissNarNar, I've got 4 1/2 days left actually. I'm doing good, but there's definitely been some rough patches. Stick with it and feel free to message me if you have any questions. Good luck!!
  7. Hey! I'm not totally MIA! I'm stopping in here and there to read up and contribute when I see something I think I can help with. Eyebrow threading... Do it. It is amazing. Seriously I love threading. I'm going to continue to use it even after my post accutane waxing waiting period. I'm a total convert. It is an art, I've never had my eyebrows look so great. You get regrowth faster than with waxing, but it also costs less per session. I'd say over the course of a month, you'd end up
  8. have you called around to different pharmacies? you'd be surprised at the difference. for me there was about a $300/ month price difference between target and walgreens. i'd call every single pharmacy within a reasonable driving distance for you. good luck!
  9. Threading is great! I am totally addicted and will continue this even after my course. It's an art form, really. I think it's less painful than waxing, but that might just be me.
  10. 2nd chopsaver. I haven't used to during accutane though the thought has crossed my mind. I've used it previous and it is great.
  11. i think i can be alot of help to you.



  12. Hi there! Another "old" person mama and teacher! Wow, there's really a lot of us on here. Just read your log, glad to see you're doing well. Definitely stick through those side effects, it's totally worth it. I've never seen my skin look so great (I'm in month 5). I have tons of red marks and don't feel comfortable going out without makeup yet, but I'm sure I'll get there. I had a comment on my blog saying that it must be easier to have acne and kids, the kids being a distraction from the
  13. I *think* the range of cumulative dosing is something like 120mg/ kg of your body weight - 150 mg/kg. So for me, I weigh approximately 60kg (slightly under most of the time!) so that's 7200- 9000 mg of isotretinoin. Taking 60 mgs a day, I should be done in 120 - 150 days, or 4-5 months. My derm wants me to do a 6th month though, but that's because of how persistant my skin problems are. Also, some derms like to dose according to severity rather than body weight. I think that goes something
  14. Do call around to different pharmacies and ask for the cash price. You'd be surprised at how different the prices are. I've seen as much as a $300 difference for one months supply around here. And, that walgreens program is supposed to be great, but be aware you can't use both your insurance and the program. It's one or the other. Good luck!
  15. Alright, today, my derm had my lab results at my appointment. (usually I just get a phone call that everything is okay) I saw that what the results said (they are elevated from my normal non-isotretinoin levels) so just wondering if anyone knows what the limits are during treatment? At what point do they cut you off?