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  1. Ok, does anyone have any suggestions on what to do when traveling overseas on a long flight i mean 24hrs of flying! I'm in a bit of a panic!!!! I know the airlines only allow you to take 100ml or less on board in your carry on and even then has to be in a sealed plastic bag. I'm thinking i should be able to just buy travel containers and put only what i'll need for the trip in them. Of coarse doing it this way they won't be labeled so i hope i won't have any problems going through security with
  2. This is true when i received my package i had to pay a rediculous amount in customs charges the postman actually told me that little trick of saying it's a gift to avoid those charged because i was so mortified at the cost of everything all up! I haven't re-ordered yet so haven't tried it but i will. Nice post!!!!! Good on you for putting that tip ouot there.
  3. Has anyone heard anything or tried the new Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation SPF20, i have heard it is supposed to be good or acne prone skin as it's gentle and healing??? I am 4 weeks into the DKR and my face is still a bit red and flaky. I bought Revlon colourstay and it didn't make me brake out anymore than usual i don't think but it was balling up because my skin is still a bit dry and flaky like i said. I have the Revlon Colourstay mineral powder foundation too which is
  4. Thank you! I'll have a look at them.
  5. I've been on the regimen for 2weeks now and am wanting to buy a 10% AHA lotion. I would love to buy Dan's but shipping and customs charges just make it far to expensive. Does anyone know a good AHA you can purchase in the UK? I also think once i have run out of Dan's products i will have to find alternatives as it's just to pricey to order it from the US. Hope i can find products that work as well.