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  1. When I first took monocycline it did nothing for me and I moved my way to tetracycline and it did something. But then I fell into some financial difficulty and didn't take it for about a year then I went back to it cause I found it on the Internet with no prescription. So know I'm not going to try that again so soon but I thinking about monocycline maybe that will do something now. What do you think ... ????
  2. I used tetracycline and cleared my face right up. and I'm about to start on another family of anti-biotics but I don't know what to move on to. I was thinking keflex. Also my faced has change its not as oily as before and I used to exudes excessive amounts of oil and when I sweat it felt like all oil. But with that tetracyclin was working for me it mad me sweat pure water. And it cleared up the mark the acne left on my face so it was some pretty good stuff. So, I am just looking for something
  3. What to know how many different types of anti-bacterial familys medicense there are? I used all the cycline family and I thinking of going to the family that the drug keflex belongs to. But thats the only member I know of is "keflex". And I don't know what order is to use that durg family in. I don't know if keflex goes, first, last or in the middle.
  4. When taking prescriptions how long should I take it before seeing that it not working and move on to the next prescription in my list of prescriptions
  5. Any one out there know of any site out there on the world wide web or (wide world web, I don'nt know one of them two) you percription drugs with out a Dr. written percription. (So ya know ... I can get it on the Down Low) Naa ... I broke as a joke and going to a dermatoligist (spell was never my subject) is out of the question. I do like to have a roof over my head and 2-3 sq meals at day or maybe its round meals. I'm not totaly shure. He he he ha ha ah ah yea He He He.
  6. Oh yea the tetracycline I got online is the real stuff cause the sores on the side of my mouth came back so its the real stuff.
  7. About 2 yrs ago I went to the Skin Dr. and he did the basic procedure for teatment. He fist gave me the standard cleanse aka soup and mouistrizor. That didn't work for me, then he went on the basic percription method. First was the Minocycline then the Doxycycline final the Tetracycline and that work for me just after I strated taking it for about a week it was so great and worked so well that if I didn't fell like washing my face I didn'y but then ..... cause ther is almost always a "but". Afte