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  1. I found that a tablespoon of molasses made the kefir grow fast so I think the minerals in molasses help a lot. Also you can add a piece of eggshell once in a while and the bacteria will eat the shell... provides calcium.
  2. You can drink it at any time. If you drink it too early it will be too sweet, full of sugar, but it would still have live good bacteria in it. If you drink too late, then it turns into vinegar and it's yucky. I would say you probably want to drink it when it's about 80% fermented. It's just a matter of taste. Probably the best way it ferment it until 60% and then stir it up and pour out the liquid into a secondary container for secondary fermentation. Then you add fruits for flavor or wha
  3. Well, is it alive? Buy a bottle and pour some into a glass, cover with a coffee filter and let it sit out. Does it still taste sweet after a day, 2 days, 3 days? I've bought that kind of stuff before and it's just completely dead. We know from our home brew water kefir that it is ALIVE... it bubbles, it changes into vinegar. If it stays sweet then you know for sure it's dead. So I guess if it's actually alive then store bought is fine. The other thing about store bought is that it costs p
  4. I used to get this weird rash on the back of my hands... little red dots appeared. It seemed like it was alive, like candida or something, because it would kind of migrate across the skin over time and would get really dry and burn sometimes. If I didn't put lotion on it would take over my hand. That also completely disappeared for me after water kefir!
  5. I usually end up (for just myself one person) leaving in the jar, one cup of grains, 4tbs sugar, 1tbs molasses, and about 16 ounces of water. I would say you would probably want to drink 8-16 oz per day, and if your grains start to grow larger than about 1 cup, then you can eat the excess grains too. How much you drink kind of depends on how much water you put into your batch. So perhaps, and 8oz batch might have the same amount of probiotic as a 16oz batch... so it's just up to you. The amo
  6. Hi guys, I'm sorry to hear it's not a silver bullet for you. But it's not for me either. I don't eat dairy and I stick to a low carb diet. Dairy is the worst culprit I have ever found for acne... it messes with your hormones, increases your dht etc. If one eats a high carb diet (maybe even moderate carbs) and eats a lot of dairy then probiotics is not going to solve the issue. Carbs in general are really bad for health. Eating a high carb load is maybe the most stressful thing you can do t
  7. In the beginning sugar can trigger acne because of course it feeds the acne bacteria. Once you have healed your ecosystem, the acne bacteria anywhere in your body is held in check by your immune system. Your immune system is 70% the status of your intestinal flora. As far as water kefir goes, make sure you are letting it ferment until it's about 70% done... it should not taste too sweet. If you want you can actually just let it settle, the pour off the top and just drink a little and eat the
  8. Hi Guys, This was posted previously in this thread: I do not add salt to mine. I also have at least a cup of grains in my jar... not just a tablespoon The grains do not "expand" they grow over time because some bacteria keep adding polysaccaride to them. I add molasses which I have found makes the kefir grow really fast... I think because of the extra minerals. Try to add in some mineral-rich sugar in some batches to keep the culture healthy.
  9. Dehydrated grains take a long time to bring back to life and there is a greater risk that it will just be dead. Just buy regular grains which are already alive when you receive them. There is no reason for you to buy dehydrated. I had moderate acne for 20 years sometimes severe. It mostly occurred on my forehead and temples and now have scars. At the worst times it was large cysts where the infections would last for months.
  10. If you have acne and you say that you don't have any problem with dairy, then I would say you probably have a problem with dairy. I found that dairy will cause breakouts for weeks, maybe even a month, after you consume it. If you cut out dairy for a month and you drink water kefir daily for a month I bet your acne will disappear. After that, keep drinking the kefir and start testing a little bit to see what kind of dairy you can handle. Don't buy dehydrated kefir grains if you don't have to
  11. Coconut water can be used, but it's not high in minerals and it's REALLY expensive over time. Here is the 24 hour recipe I use and it's very basic for a single person and I recommend 1/2 gallon mason jar: 1. limit to one cup of grains. The grains will multiply so either eat the extra or throw it out. In the beginning definitely EAT the extra grains... that will speed up the process of healing you. After the first week or two you wouldn't need to eat the extra grains if you didn't want to. T
  12. I have seen water kefir in the store ready made, but in my experience it didn't really do anything. In my experience the water kefir you make for yourself is one hundred times more powerful.
  13. I'm telling you emphatically the cure to your disease is water kefir as it was for me. I'm telling you that you can trust my 20 struggle and the solution that I finally discovered. Read the thread on this forum called: After 20 Years Of Searching, My Acne Is Totally Cured. Important Read. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/309170-after-20-years-of-searching-my-acne-is-totally-cured-important-read/ Someone has also now reported on that thread that they have had the best succes
  14. Hi All, There is one reported SUCCESS now! I got a great message from lieko, and with permission I'm reposting it here:
  15. If you want to cure your acne then yes you should drink it every day or every two days. You can figure out the recipe amounts that will work perfectly and will ferment in about 24 hours. You should do this for several months I would say. After some time your ecosystem will be repaired. You at least need to get through the first week where you'll be a bit more gassy than usual get through that first week and you'll see amazing changes in your skin. Since I started The longest I've gone withou