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  1. its just what your skin can take personally I used retin-a throughout my course. Of course if your skin is really sensitive, flaky and dry then I wouldn't use retin-a ....but again its common sense. Just see how it goes
  2. i think long term 10 a day - like for 3 years or something is a bit high. normally it wuld be say 20 for 8 months or so as a low dosage. And if you've had success with accutane and want to maintain for a very long time it then then its more like 40mg a week - sorta as long as you can tollerate it
  3. as long as u actually see a dr its prob fine. or register with a new gp
  4. small amount of benzoyl peroxide if ur skin can tolerate it. Thats about it
  5. Or research what you are posting before you actually post it and start scare mongering. Its a purely commercially viable decision for 1 specific branded product. Isotretinoin is not banned - period.
  6. just go to a dept store, and ask for loads of samples from different brands, and keep trying until you find one! you need moisturiser
  7. wow how fab is that! email it to ur derm..they'd probably love it
  8. Just tell him ur accumlative dosage is too low, and to achieve remission you want to slightly extend your course
  9. Why is there so much rubbish about accutane being banned in this thread? seriously, get a brain and read the article properly!!! jeez
  10. rubbish, it says exactly on the leaflet the frequency of the side effects. you make the infomed choice! a few people getting side effects is just no reason to pull it from the market. More than likely it was because generics have such a large market share, and the cost of the lawsuits made the drug unprofitable. nothing to do with the fact that ooo accutanes a killer drug!
  11. What a tragedy! People should take more responsibility for taking drugs, rather than just popping pills million dollar lawsuits, what a pathetic culture
  12. well if the consultants and doctors allow it.....then just a normal persons opinion on if something is safe is probably irrelevant?
  13. Yes take it, its the best drug ever. Sooner you do - the quicker you'll have beautiful clear skin