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  1. Joyce123, I don't have the total answer but here is what I do know, from my experience and research on net: There are different levels of rosacea. Some have it worse than others. Spicy foods can make it worse. On me, emotions really show in my blushing etc. and the emotions seem to sorta break my skin out in zits. One of the best things for rosacea is to calm the skin, treat it gently, keep moisturizers on it, this info is what I learned from dermatologist. I have a new cream RX called
  2. Hi, joga, I've used Differin and benzamycin; have you tried using a moisturizer in daytime? my dr gave me samples of one called CeraVue which is non SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and seems to calm my redness without causing zits. no prescription needed for CeraVue. it's pretty light and i only need a thin layer of it. just an idea liz
  3. Don't some/all of the milk substitutes contain iodine? That's an ingredient I watch out for, since it breaks my skin out -- zits. I've been avoiding sea salt since it also contains iodine. Haven 't had a chance to compare labels and find a milk subsitute that doesn't have iodine. I just stopped milk and dairy products, hoping it will clear my skin. Day 6 looks great, except chin but still lots better than it has for a long time. Best to all in their search for clear skin. Liz
  4. krzeaz


    Well, MSM seems to be helping my skin a lot. Adult acne. I already am taking a lot of supplements, including fish oil and selenium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B50, vit C, D and oil of evening primrose. I am off gluten, eat lots of veg and fruits, some yogurt daily but no other dairy. I do eat eggs, 2 a day almost daily. Started MSM a couple of wks ago. I am taking 2 of the 1,000 mg. MSM capsules a day. They are honkin' big but they really are helping my complexion. I have had one or tw
  5. I hate it when I try to cover the zits and they look as bad as or worse than before. Or someone brushes against my face while hugging me and it wipes the cover off -- fill in the blank-- my chin, my cheek.... etc. Fail.
  6. Yes, I'm using Oracea. It's expensive, even with insurance, but it is helping my skin a lot. And I get cysts occasionally but this has cleared my skin up great.