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  1. Yes, this is completley baffling. I went on accutane for severe cystic acne (and let me just say here that i wish i had a digital camera and/or scanner so i could post some pictures of bad acne for those poor people that look to the photo albums for hope that someone has it as bad as them, and they see people and are like WHErE are your zits?? ugh, i've got it bad.) in any case. had/have bad acne, but never had oiliness, as diet really controlled this for me. I am now in the second week o
  2. Hey, i haven't read every post to this thread, but i did want to respond to the original post. I completely understand how you feel. This summer i developed severe acne, it just exploded. i've been dealing with acne since puberty, but never this bad. i'm 23. I was still with my boyfriend this summer, and he is beautiful, sexy, i'm totally attracted to him, but as my skin got worse and worse, it's like i just felt my sexiness diminish. my face felt dirty all the time, i didn't want to touch
  3. hey, i was just prescribed this today after my skin culture came back showing a "gram-3 negative" bacterial infection, or something of the sort. I have been on SO MANY antibiotics over the years, i am so hesitant to take MORE, but this "infection" on my skin has gotten horrendous and is scarring. so 10 days of antibiotics. I'll be loading up on the probiotics as well. in any case, let me know how it works for you? it might be hard to tell, being on accutane at the same time. good luck!
  4. Hey, i really want to continue taking a multivitamin while i'm on Accutane, but it seems everything contains vitamin A (at pretty significant dosages, too). Has anyone found a quality multivitamin without Vitamin A?? Thanks!
  5. I have just tried this and have had the toughest time actually PUTTING the egg white on my face -- do you guys USE something to do this? I was just using my hands, but i feel like more egg white fell into the sink than got on my face!
  6. My acne was very bad before the pill, but not nearly as bad as it has become. I've been fighting acne since i was 13 or so, i'm 23 now. I was on antibiotics for most of my teen years, accutane once, all the topicals, but it kept returning. I believed I developed massive candida overgrowth so I stopped all meds and fought the candida (food allergies, sinus problems, foggy headedness, etc) for a while. This is why i was hestitant to go back on birth control because candida LOVE the birth cont
  7. Hey guys, thank you so much for your replies. I am really depressed and feel like nothing will ever get better. I feel like I have never seen anyone that has acne like mine. I have little hard cysts all over my face, there really isn't a smooth part. I have cysts beneath the surface that create red marks and scar, and eventually come to pussy bleeding heads (when i pop them, yeah=bad, but they are jumping off my face). I have blackheads throughout my skin as well. It seems like every pore
  8. I started ortho cylcen three weeks ago and have had major breakouts. Everyday my skin just gets more and more crazy like a rash of little bumps and cysts and poppers. UGH! I know it takes 2-3 months to kick in, but i was hoping to hear from some people that MADE IT THROUGH the initial break out (and how bad it was?) to eventually see results. I am so self concious i don't leave the house! people look at me and i want to cry! i can't "be strong" about this much longer!!
  9. I started ortho cyclen three weeks ago and have had horrible nightmarish breakouts (not to scare anyone!). I'm totally at a loss! It's like i've broken out in a rash of zits and little pimples. I keep telling myself that this is just a hellish initial breakout, but I can't believe it would be THIS BAD!! I've stopped leaving the house and had strangers talk to me about what i can do for my "blemished" skin. What a nightmare! I am confused, too, because about three years ago i went on ortho
  10. absolutely NOT. that is horrible. This is shit that i have to deal with, someone else has been blessed with beautiful skin and they are lucky. That is how things go. And that other person may have other health issues or tough life circumstances that i don't have. so it's all an unfortunate trade off. I hate how my acne is affecting me, but there's a long life ahead of us and it's going to get better. I've got to believe it. I really struggle to believe that you guys would wish away your
  11. i am still experiencing this weird disconnection from my brain and i have had the most difficult time trying to talk. i cut back to 12.5mg today, and i think i will stop spiro for a couple days until these symptoms go away, and then start at like 6mg a day -- a really low dose -- and see how that affects me and maybe work up to 12.5mg once my body adjusts. my hair has been much drier than usual, and my skin is definitely not as oily. it seems all my little cysts are coming to the surface -- n
  12. hello! JG, it was GREAT to hear that you have experienced some of the same symptoms when starting the spiro. Yes, i AM anxious about my skin, i AM obsessive about it, but i was anxious and obsessive before i started the spiro, and i cannot contribute all these nervous jittery brainfog like i'm on speed physical feelings to purely psychological effects of having bad skin and taking a new medication. my sleep has been distrubed, i usually sleep very well, i don't feel plugged into my own brain,