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  1. This happens to me too. When I wake up in the morning it's not terribly oily, but it's definitely more oily than it would be at the end of a normal day. Even if wake up after a daytime nap, my skin looks oily, whereas if I didn't nap it would look fine. What the heck
  2. I use Everyday Minerals. I plan on purchasing one of their finishing dusts. It contains kaolin clay which is supposed to help with oiliness.
  3. So my face is clear now (thanks Dan), and I want to change up my hairstyle. I'd like to get bangs, but the last time I got them (even though I thought it looked nice) I kept them pinned back 99% of the time because my face gets hot easily & the bangs just made it worse. Just thinking about bangs touching my forehead all day drives me crazy. I can't even wear sunglasses because I don't like the feeling of the sunglasses resting on the ridge of my nose. Does anyone else have an issue like
  4. I have this issue too! I make sure to use all my face products (Dan's BP, moisturizer, Dan's AHA) evenly all over my face, including the skin around my mouth, but I still have this weird discoloration thing going on. I only use the AHA at night, so I guess they're suggesting using it every other night instead? BTW, your skin looks fantastic.
  5. Do you clean your chest/back with regular soap & then do the Head & Shoulders thing or just the Head & Shoulders thing?
  6. I've got bacne, probably because I work out everyday & sweat like crazy. I want to invest in quality sweat wicking sports bras, but they're very expensive. I take a shower pretty quickly after my workout. I've watched Dan's how to do the regimen in the shower videos (hot bod btw), but I've got long hair & trying different methods to clear up my bacne. Sometimes I'm not sure if my hair conditioner is causing bacne. It's thick, and I make sure to clean my body after so whatever condi
  7. It took maybe less than 1 month to clear up. At first I had redness & peeling, mostly around my mouth area. After maybe 3 weeks on the regimen, my skin definitely cleared & now I have no pimples. I'm still working on my acne scars though. My skin wasn't scary bad to begin with though. Maybe 4-5 pimples on my cheeks & 1-2 on my chin. I definitely think Dan's AHA clears up whatever active acne I have. I had a big pimple on my cheek a couple days ago & now it's gone.
  8. I exercise at all random times of the day. I always do the regimen when I wake up & wash my face with Basis soap after a workout. I can't let sweat dry up on my face. Yuck. Depending on how early in the day it is, I might apply Dan's BP again. And then I always do the regimen again before bed. I haven't had any problems with washing my face 3 times a day, but then again, I've put my face through horrible torture with past products so it may not be as sensitive as the next person's skin
  9. I'm 25 & lurked around these boards for a long long time & tried tons of stuff that can be found in a drugstore or Walmart & used Proactiv for a long time, even though it didn't work. I tried baking soda scrubs & apple cider vinegar toners, masks, creams, everything, but I finally bought Dan's BP & I only wish I tried it earlier. I'm using Basis soap cuz it's cheap & makes my face feel really clean & soft, Dan's BP, Olay moisturizer because it's not greasy &
  10. I'm using Basis Sensitive Skin Bar Dan's BP Olay moisturizer and Dan's AHA at night I've completely cleared up & I can't help looking at my clear skin
  11. I don't know if they sell this in the UK or Ireland, but I use Basis soap & it works great & is cheap.
  12. For a couple weeks I have been doing the baking soda scrub & ACV/water toner, but the ACV smell is really starting to get to me. My room smells because I throw away my ACV cotton balls in my trashcan & I can smell the ACV coming from my pores when I work out (even if it's hours later). The past couple days I have waited about 10 minutes & lightly applied a wet cottonball with water, hoping to lessen the ACV smell. Last week my skin was great, but I've probably had 4 new pimples th
  13. I got my tube off drugstore.com. I was really nervous to put anything new on my face because it's pretty clear right now, but this stuff is GREAT. I have oily skin & I was in a hot crowded restaurant for 3 hours & I did not have to touch up my makeup at all. No oily forehead or nose. I put it on my face after my moisturizer & waited a few minutes to apply my Everyday Minerals makeup. Yeah!
  14. I bought everything I need for my first GA peel online, but I was wondering how exactly I need to prep my skin for this peel. I'm currently not using any product with AHAs, just BP. Should I maybe use a product with AHAs so my skin can kinda get used to it before the peel?