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  1. Check out www.acnelamp.com. Its red and blue lights are 33 times more powerful than the Verilux. It has a 90 days satisfaction guarantee and 5 year bulb warranty. The blue light kills the bacteria and the red light reduces inflammation.
  2. :wink: If you want to control the production of oil, try Clinac O.C. Oil Control Gel manufactured by Ferndale Laboratories. You can order it at any pharmacy and it does not require a prescription. I buy mine at Costco pharmacy. It costs about $20.00 and it lasts about 4 months depending on how often you use it. I use it twice a day. You don’t have to wait months to see the effect it is immediate with no side effects.
  3. Benzyl Peroxide, the active ingredient in Proactive Solution and many over the counter acne medication will bleach clothing, pillowcases, etc upon contact. www.acnelamp.com
  4. Skin bleaching creams are designed for dark pigmentation caused by the overproduction of melanin. The over production of melanin is casued by exposuer to the sun or a hormon inbalance. Skin bleach creams should not be used for the treatment of acne or the after effects of acne. www.acnelamp.com
  5. I have a panasonic pore cleaner. I use it every other day while Im showering. It works great on black heads only. :oops: It should not be used on active acne. It will only make it worse.
  6. Try www.acnelamp.com. It uses Blue light to kill bacteria and Red light to reduce inflammation. There is no irritation or dryness. There is a 90 days satisfaction guarantee so you have nothing to loose but your acne.
  7. You would not be mentally fit if you were not concerned about any surgery. It is normal to be afraid and apprehensive. Reevaluate what results you expect to achieve. Ten percent is nothing. You will not even be able to tell a difference. 75-80 percent would be more acceptable. There are newer techniques that promise those results (Laser). Postpone your surgery and do more research. In the end if you find nothing better you can always reschedule. You have nothing to loose.
  8. No. Acne Lamp uses blue light to kill bacteria and red light to reduce inflamation. It does not control the amount of oil produced. I recommend Clinac O.C. Oil control Gel. You can order it at any Pharmacy. It is sold over the counter. Manufactured by Ferndale Labratories Inc. www.acnelamp.com
  9. I personally had a full-face dermabrasion in 1984. At the time it was the only procedure available for acne scaring. I have to say that I saw no improvement. In addition I was left with a couple of additional small scars that were not there prior to the surgery. Nothing significant. After the first week I was just red. Based on my personal experience and the time and money spent on it, I would not recommend this procedure. In addition, if you have ice pick scaring, there are many articles recom
  10. I called and spoke to someone at 415-392-3333 for more information. It is in fact sfcosmeticsurgery.com, which has been promoting the Clear Light system. They have taken the Clear Light system and have made some changes in the wavelengths. They need 10-12 volunteers to preform a study to get FDA approval. The study is free but once FDA approves it, you will have to pay for the light therapy sessions, as you have to pay with the Clear Light sessions. $50 per session requiring 8 sessions ($400.00)
  11. Dima-Tech Inc. has performed its own internal comparison and has found that Acne Lamp emits 33 times, or 3300% more blue light than the Verilux Happy Skin Acne Lamp. Why, because Acne Lamp uses Patent Pending LED technology to emit its wavelengths. 100 percent of the light emitted by Acne Lamp is the desired blue and red wavelengths. Verilux and Dermalux both use florescent tubes to produce their wavelength. Not only do they produce the desired Blue and Red Wavelengths but the florescent tube
  12. You can buy it locally in the U.S.A. for less. International Shipment are shipped Customs Duty and airfreight Collect. Available in 110vac and 220vac. www.acnelamp.com
  13. I have been an acnesuffer since the age of 13. Now 39 I have tried all the differnet peels with little to no results, including a full face dermabrasion as well as sixteen microdermabrasions. I keep seeing impressive pictures on the results of Exoderm Lift. I would be intrested in hearing from someone had actualy had it done. No salesmen please. p.s dont waste your money on elicina.
  14. Try www.acnelamp.com. It uses the same Red and Blue light wavelength and has a 90 days satisfaction guarantee.
  15. Clear Light is a procedure preformed under the supervision of a doctor. Its cost is about $50.00 per session and requires 8 sessions, $400.00. In addition once you have completed your 8 sessions, you may have to continue treatments thereafter since it does not prevent the return of new bacteria.