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  1. SilentWalker

    Great texture. Non-greasy. Actually feels like it's water-based. All ingredients are safe. Moisturizes well, especially with the Safflower Oleosomes. Goes a long way. Totally non-irritating. Very mild. Leaves a bit of a shine on the face. Although non-greasy, it still leaves a residue. Does not totally absorb into skin immediately; some of it just sits on the skin. But then again, that's the characteristics of a true moisturizer. If it is absorbed immedia
  2. I don't really feel jealous. I feel sad. I have quite a couple of friends that are very beautiful (inside and out), and I wish I could...well you know. I wish they could see me as I see them. But my acne has really decreased my self esteem, and I am quite introverted. Because of acne I think we'll never move out of the friend zone. I don't think I have the courage to venture out there. :'(
  3. Hahaha, well I can show you sum other ones... do you have like a msn or email?

  4. Heey, so you love my desktop right? lol

  5. lol people call me the the silentwarrior cause i never talk and i play lacrosse and im a beast and your the silent walker we must be like brothers

  6. nah it's okay. just funny :P

  7. Ahaha I saw it. Sorry...hope that doesn't make me seem like one of those perfectionist douche bags...

  8. hey i was just reading your thread about editing that thing... i just wanted to say it was funny you wanted it not be edited for perfection when you spelled product PORDCUT lol!

  9. Thank you. :) How can I add Spectro Derm or other products to the review page? A significant amount of people use Spectro according to what I see around the forums; even Americans - they order it online. So the review page for the different products should be useful, even to non-Canadians. I don't want to clutter the Product Review page with too many different types of Spectro, as each Spectro Jel basically has the same ingredients except Sodium Oleate (comedogenic); and Spectro Derm has m
  10. I've been waiting forever for a Spectro Jel entry in the Reviews page. And now that it's there...well it's disappointing (not exactly the word). What I mean to say is - it's Spectro Jel not Spectrojel (I'm a perfectionist... sorry). And there's also Spectro Derm. There should be individual pages for each of the products (there's a green bottled one, and blue, and purple, and yellow-orange) all with different purposes. I know it's not a big issue, but if it's categorized under one item - Spectr
  11. SilentWalker

    Nice texture My skin stung while using it, and made my skin break out waaay more than usual. (Read bottom line to see why). I used SpectroGel before I used this product, and Spectro was also extra gentle on my skin. The Spectro worked great, but I decided to give this a try. However the Spectro was so gentle that my skin got accustomed to it, so when I used this porduct, although it is supposed to be gentle, it stung my skin quite a bit (every time I used it; even a month later). And it made me
  12. Dear child, You are so misled and science is the answer. Sincerely, Me. now ima go nom-nom on a foot long and kool-aid
  13. Hey. I just saw your comments in a couple of threads and I found them amazing. Your outlook on life, and making the best of a situation is inspiring :D

    I just think I'd let you know :)

  14. Guys, stay on space topic!!! (No, really...stay on topic please). My personal view - we only have one life to live, and we can decide to make the best out of it or not (whether we have acne or not...we don't have a choice). And when we die, our souls will pass on and be judged based on what we made of our lives. As for the scientific aspect of it (which I saw mentioned earlier in the thread), energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but converted from one for to another. Energy can be converte