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  1. Wanted to give a quick update, while this protocol did heal most of my scars that were shallow and even some deep ones, the very deep acne scars have not be cured by this despite staying on the protocol for a long time. I may look to add in some light therapy but I don't think the deep ones are going away.
  2. The things you read in books are applicable for normal biological conditions, this isn't that. Example: Under normal conditions someone can gain noticeable signs of muscle growth in about 6 months of hard working out. However if you add Testosterone injections you'll see gains in about a month because it greatly increases the way your body repairs and rebuilds your muscles. Point being the information you're giving is not really applicable since this protocol would be bringing your body out
  3. I really hope it works for you and appreciate the updates. It's good to note that lamchopz results so far are from using the 1.5 stamp instead of the 2.0 roller and only just recently added the type II collagen to his regimen which is an important part of it (it's collagen which is what your skin is made of after all). It sounds like you're getting quick healing times but need to be using the 2.0 roller. The pain you're describing is from you hitting deep into the dermis which you'll need
  4. As for the protein mix, taking whey protein is part of the protocol and is not a substitute for taking the isolated amino acids on their own. There's only one cure that I know of for acne scars and that's the exact protocol I typed out in the first post, there may be others out there but I haven't seen them. Thank you for answering. My question about the shakeology was specifically about the whey protein requirement, as I'm still taking the pill supplements you've recommended. Why is the pro
  5. Hi, out of all the new questions that have this is the only one that hasn't already been answered. I don't know how taking zinc will affect the healing of your scars because I wasn't taking it at the time. As for the protein mix, taking whey protein is part of the protocol and is not a substitute for taking the isolated amino acids on their own. There's only one cure that I know of for acne scars and that's the exact protocol I typed out in the first post, there may be others out there but I hav
  6. Congrats on the progress you have already. If you're taking these supplements as outlined you should begin healing fast enough to roll more often than two months but use your best judgement; as soon as it's close to 100% healed then roll again. Hi, good question. I used L-Phenalalanine. I've updated the protocol to reflect that. Here is a link to the exact MSM cream I used: http://www.richdistributing.com/shop/retail/viewitem.php?productid=25 Probably any MSM cream will work b
  7. ok, but when/if it doesn't work don't come back here saying "this didn't work", you're taking your own path not mine. good luck
  8. Hey man, I'm not trying to make you feel bad but please look carefully before making statements, someone could read what you said and the get it wrong and mess up their face. I said: "If you want to make this work you'll roll your scars and then wait until the skin looks completely repaired and then roll again and don't miss a day on your supplements." This clearly indicates that total repair should take place before rolling again. We all know that people heal at different rates so s
  9. ok good question, right after I rolled I would IMMEDIATELY put on SUPER COP 2X so that it gets into my skin as much as possible. I would rub in fast circles to stimulate blood flow to that region and keep rubbing until I couldn't see the dark green anymore. I would wait about 10 minutes then rub in MSM lotion into the same spots. For the next three days I would rub Super Cop 2x on the places where I rolled along with MSM lotion, then I would only put on MSM lotion until I saw my cheeks had
  10. I've been doing this for about 4 months now and my acne scars are about 90% healed and I see no reason why they won't be 98-100% healed in the next couple of months [*EDIT UPDATE - I continued this protocol for several months after and never could get rid of the DEEP scars, the other scarring is gone and stayed away]. This is a HUGE improvement as I had acne scars covering both of my cheeks with deep indention that could be seen regardless of lighting. I didn't have the weak acne scars like some
  11. *Edit : It looks like some people have had the same results I have had with just all the callogen, whey protein and Super Cop x2. The individual amino acids appear to not be necessary. Also, I continued this protocol for months after posting in an attempt to get rid of my very deepest scars and after many months of persistence they still remain. This does not seem to work for extremely deep scars. Ok folks, I'm not selling anything and I'm not going to leave any links to specific sites or prod
  12. I saw this post and felt obligated to respond. I did a 21 day fast where I consumed absolutely nothing but water, period. I had minimal improvements to my scars but did have several other improvements that were not related to scars. Unless you already have some existing disease or issues then water fasting is relatively safe, read and educate yourself before making any assumptions. xoxo
  13. Anyone know where I can get EMLA / Lidocaine cream online (did search and couldn't find link)? I just ran out and have been using it for derma rolling. PM me with link please - thank you!!
  14. Buy a 0.25mm dermaroller or derma stamp. The needles are ridiculously small so redness will subside quickly. hey Liquid, I actually have a .25 derma roller, was hoping to find a liquid application for this though.
  15. Hi everyone, I hope you're day is going incredibly well. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or knew anything about a ointment or oil or lotion that you could add to topicals that would help them absorb into the skin better. I heard emu oil works but can cause breakouts...any and all advice is totally appreciated. Thanks everyone!