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  1. okay only

    I bought this originally because it was one of the product of its kind: a Salicylic acid lotion; sort of like the brother of the AHA +. I tried it on my face and body, I do not know if it is effective at all. I honestly would probably not buy this product again simply due to price. I also recently saw they have the SA Renewing CLEANSER. I now use Stridex Maximum pads. I think buying products that are dedicated to a certain use is better than a product with dual purpose (lotion and SA). In additi
  2. StitchedTogether

    very good

    very good

    I tried this on my body and it goes on nicely and absorbs fast. I have the vanicream product brochure and it advertises this product for Hands, Feet, Body. It does not state it is for the face. I am currently also using the Free & Clear liquid cleanser which is also made by them, and it states in the brochure for Face, Hands, and Body. I may eventually try this on my face to see how it reacts, however I prefer using the Olay Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin at the moment. I also tried the Vani
  3. awesome!

    Been using this for more than a week now. I have stopped using BP on all of my face except my chin area. No where else on my face has had a breakout and only the area I apply BP may have a few white heads. I started testing this using it only at night in place of the AHA+. My routine now is Cleanse, Stridex Wipe, BP spot on active acne only, and Moisturize. I have a feeling I can just not use the BP, but I keep it only for the acne that may pop up once in a while. This product is cheap too for 9
  4. http://www.olay.com/en-us/skin-care-products/complete-all-day-moisturizer-with-sunscreen-broad-spectrum-spf-15-sensitive Is this the recommended one or the updated one that most people don't like? Zinc Oxide 3% , Octinoxate 6.0%
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Vitamin-Retinol-Salicylic-Hyaluronic-Niacinamide/dp/B00NY5NGPE/ Thinking about using this. Directions state to Clean the face then apply this product, followed with moisturizer. Should I use Benzoyl peroxide if I use this product? If I can, should I put BP after using the serum, or after the moisturizer?
  6. Just letting you know, the best facial moisturizer I have found so far is the Olay Moisturizing lotion for Sensitive skin. It comes in like a Pink Box. http://www.olay.com/en-us/skin-care-products/olay-moisturizing-lotion-for-sensitive-skin
  7. I can attest to the Redness. I have been using AHA for some time. However for a bit, I have stopped. I decided to hit my face again yesterday, and then BAM! stinging sensations........and today I look red. I imagine if I was caucasian I would look like a "lobster" as people say. I think I just need to readjust, but I do remember that I was using AHA+ every night with no problems before, but now that I stopped using it and reusing it again, I have to skip a few days, reapply, skip a
  8. I think this gives me white heads

    I had my acne under control, using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, BP 2.5%, Olay Moisturizing lotion for Sensitive Skin. Then about 2 days ago I decided to bust out my unopened Acne.org moisturizer. Put the moisturizer on at night, and the next day a few white heads appeared (chin, side of face). I was surprised considering it was advertised for acne users. In addition, it is not a good consistency because it was too watery. I will be continuing with experimentation of moisturizers. My next up i
  9. feels good on the skin

    I tried this because it was advertised for Face, Body, Post-shave. It also contains Aloe. Initially when I used it on my face, I thought this is the perfect consistency. It is so smooth and glides over my face, while absorbing very quickly. Doesn't feeling oily and doesn't shine my face up, but if I use it on my T zone (nose/forehead) it'll shine (but mine shines no matter what moisturizer i use). About 1 week into it, I started getting the acne that doesn't develop white heads on a part of my f
  10. Will rate 5 stars for now....

    I will rate 5 stars for now. This is a product that contains the niacinamide as a 4th ingredient and contains aloe. It is designed for the face/neck as mentioned in the instructions. I haven't been using this product for long, only about 1 week both morning and night. I noticed that it is easy to rub in if you don't have BP on. If you have BP on before you apply this moisturizer, it is impossible to "glide" your fingers over your face as the product seems to just disappear.....while if you don't
  11. Which other moisturizers have you used? Do you experience any burning with just BP and NO moisturizer?
  12. I read from Dan that the Sensitive foaming face wash has been approved for use. But what about the normal or the combination foaming face wash? Has anyone tried all 3 to see the difference?
  13. My review This product doesn't feel heavy and it goes on clear without shine. It has a melon scent to it which I found very pleasant. However I do not feel this is good for oily t zones because I still got shiny. For t zones I currently don't moisturize the area and it seems to be the best option. For dry skin areas I feel dans moisturizer feels the best. Overall for about $5 a tube of the gel moisturizer, i feel it is a good buy. I would recommend this moisturizer for those that h
  14. Am trying this product right now. Bought a 3 oz tube for about $5.91. Will post thoughts as I use this more.