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  1. i would start with very small amounts of both. usually, you are only supposed to use one acne treatment at a time, but since the neutrogena 3-in-1 is also considered a moisturizer (even though i used a moisturizer after it), you can use both but use small amounts and watch for irritation. yes, you can use moisturizer after but i would wait a good 10-15 minutes after applying acne treatment to put on moisturizer. hope that helps!!
  2. i have used clinique's advanced concealer and it works great! if you want something medicated then clinique has their acne solutions concealer that has salicylic acid. if you're looking for something cheaper, i have also used l'oreal colorstay concealer. it works good, too. it also has salicylic acid in it.
  3. what are you using on your face? have you tried any topicals yet?
  4. and they're not painful or itchy? you could try exfoliating or you may need to switch your concealer. i have used clinique's advanced concealer and it works really good. maybe switch it and see if it goes away or look into the ingredients and see if it contains oil.
  5. what kind of birth control are you on? there are pills that are designed to help with your acne. maybe you could see about switching to one of those? either way, when you start the pill you usually break out while your hormones are getting balanced. i was on accutane twice, myself. i still get acne but not the cystic kind that i used to. you can try the accutane again but find out about the pill first.
  6. what kind of moisturizers have you been using? i would try a gel type moisturizer. i use clinique's dramatically different moisturizing gel. it's more expensive than one you could get at the drugstore but not by much. and the bottle is huge!
  7. if you are allergic to bp, i would try products with salicylic acid. they are widely available at local drug stores.
  8. do you wait 10-15 minutes after applying the bp to apply the moisturizer? if you do, it could be dead skin that you are feeling ball up. is your skin flaky at all? yes i would wash your face at bedtime. you want to get the oil, sweat, dirt and anything else that your skin comes in contact with off. as far as the acne scars, i would try neutrogena's rapid fade gel. i think that's what it's called. it's in an orange tube. hope that helps!!
  9. i don't know what you have tried but you could try a toner on your nose. i like neutrogena's alcohol free toner in the blue bottle.
  10. the two i have tried are bare minerals and everyday minerals. everyday minerals will even let you try it for free!! you just have to pay for shipping. they have alot of different colors and the prices are very reasonable so even if you have to mix colors to match your skin tone, it won't be expensive.
  11. drugstore.com. that's where i get my coconut oil. i use it for my hair, though
  12. the benzoyl peroxide in the benzaclin is drying. i would wait about 10 to 15 minutes after applying it and put on a moisturizer.
  13. any cream cleanser seems to be too rich for our usually oily, acne-prone skin. try a gel cleanser.
  14. well maybe your regimen is working so well that she doesn't think you need acne products?! That would be good! If not, you can always shop online!!