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  1. Ive had acne since I was 13 im currently 22! The derm. has been trying to get me on Accutane for years.And one day I woke up and said I wanna do it. Im so sick of face & feeling so ugly. I really hope this works , and its worth it cuz im really scared! I started accutane on 4/9/2009
  2. Sorry, I dont mean to make you feel uncomfortable or anything (I have a gf I am 100% loyal to, so dont worry im not hitting on you) but I cant help but think you are ridiculously gorgeous to the point where my brain is about to pop!

  3. heyy, i put some pictures up... the Accutane ones are still private... waiting to be checked.

  4. Thanks for the support lol. Do u have any pics? I wish u well :)

  5. hey good luck on ur tane! Nothing will really happen if u dont drink the water I dont drink much of it either I hate it. I usually get the packets u can put in ur water that will help! Or Just drink like gatorade to make up for no water so u stay hydrated!

  6. Oh! I forgot, I do have photo's but they are in accutance logs, in the message boards. :-)

  7. Hi. Well i'm only in the beginning stages of my quest to clear skin and not much has been happening, 11 days into my course of roaccutane, but i'm trying to keep positive! Thanks for leaving the comment! ^_^

  8. hey hows it going , do you hve any pics ?

  9. hey,there hows ur journey going ? hope it works well for you! do u have any pics?

  10. hey :) im on 80mg cant wait to be done lol.So did u go on accutane or are u on it ? this website is so confusing to me lol srry if its right un front of my face lol

  11. ya they can close up pretty quickly ! I wanna get something else pierced when im all done with this BS lol

  12. My weeked was Eh lol. Hopefully this one will be better for me too :)

  13. Thanks! I tried uploading some pics a while back, but they were apparently too big, and I couldn't get them small enough to post :( I think I'm gunna try again today and see if they take. Yeah, I had my lip pierced 2 years ago and had to take it out for a job interview. The lame thing is that I took the time to find a 16g retainer, and then forgot to put it in! Sadly, it closed up

  14. That's so good to hear!!! My weekend was ok, pretty boring. This coming weekend should make up for it though :) How was yours?

  15. Hey ! It went ok. They kept me on the same dose & they said my enzymes were only a tiny bit up so they will just keep an eye on it!So Month 2 here I come lol. did u have a good weekend?