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  1. you wrote use of vaseline would help against red marks caused by acne, is this just applied onto the fase then? at what time of the day?
  2. why should one be gentle taking vitamin A and C at the same time?
  3. sorry to say but great! i was so worried , a dude on this board told me i most likley had a gut disease becuase every one breaks out in pubertty haha. i was SO worried!
  4. Ceep on going babe, be strong! Your a fighter i wish you the best of luck an hope your luck comes around soon, you sertanly diserve it!
  5. I was wondering if its normal to start waving problems with acne AFTER youve been through puberty? im guessing most people got acne in the period of puberty but ive gotten acne first now and im currently 18 NEVER before have i struggeled with any form of acne. please answer Much love
  6. realy sorry! ill be in the right one next time. sorry should i delete this one?
  7. hi guys! im also struggeling with marks and i think its the tint caused by tetracycline but ive only been on it for two weeks :S take a look; http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Starting-...pu-t234142.html for images check this one out: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/starting-...ml#entry2601208 much love:D
  8. my doc gave be tetracycline and said take 4-6 each day the first two weeks, then take 2 a day, and so i took 4 a day and now im soon done with my first to weeks so i was wondering, should i take a week with 3 and then start with only two a day? please ansper asap. Thanks! Love you all
  9. is the acne our weakest gene? how do you know this:D and does tht mean we got reduced chanse in getting canser and stuff down the line? at least theoreticaly?
  10. your all talking about getting the Omega 6 and # at a 1:1 ratio, what does that mean? how mutch should i take of eatch? I got these seal Oil pills lying at home and it sais it has 3 fatty acids; DHA, EPA and DPA and the pills also contain Omega 3,6,9. it sais if i am to take 4 pills i get this amount: omega 3 = 630mg omega 6 = 84mg omega 9 = 930mg DHA = 328mg EPA = 256mg DPA = 152mg (you guys said DHA and EPA is good for acne, is it the same with DPA?) Is this fairly balanced? or? what should
  11. is it possible to get the purpulish tint/blue tint after only beeing on tetra for 2 weeks? and is this in that case only in the biguinning? "- An accumulation of tetracyclines in the body may cause one’s skin to develop a purplish tint. They look like bruises, and can take up to a year to fade away. Routine doctor visits and Vitamin C 500mg twice daily can reduce this risk" i read this and i recon i got theese marks/bruises, only after 2 weekks!! how do i get vitamin C in this amount? do
  12. Get sunblock, thats what my doc told me, and conserning the sun if you ever happen to sit in the sun for a while without any skinprotections, you might become REALY red in the fase the next two days, happened to me .
  13. fish oils and mulitivitamins, im wondering if i should go get some vitamin C thoug, ive only been on tetracycline for two weeks and im already getting the blue/purple tint thing (I THINK) and so it sais these "bruises" can be treated with 2 times 500gm C vitamin, where can i get c vitamin in this mount? should i go to the doc first, nd get it confirmed that theese are tint barks caused by tetrcycline? and is it even possible to get tintmarks after only using tetracycline for 2 weeks?!
  14. ive heard Milk can be realy bad for acne, true? and if so, is full milk worse than (dont know the name) "light" milk or whatever?