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  1. Its been nearly two years since I've posted in this forum! I've been on the BCP Yasmin for nearly 3 years now, it has improved my acne astoundingly! I have no spots at all now, its a miracle worker! However...I have to come off it due to personal/health issues. I am now in limbo, my last day was yesterday & I've read many horror stories saying when coming off BCP your skin will erupt worse than ever because of the hormone levels changing. I am anticipating this as I do not want to go th
  2. Don't worry too much about your acne and what others think, you're very pretty! :)

  3. 1. What birth control pill are you taking? You said that it took you six months to see the difference, I'm on my 6th month now...might give it another 3 months which will be 9 to see the real difference...cos I've heard it can be as good as dianette after 9 cycles. We'll have to wait and see, otherwise I will go on dianette!!!! See no other alternative yes the oil has decreased but spots are appearing in odd places like around my mouth, which I havent had for 6 months since I've been on it.
  4. 1. What birth control pill are you taking? I'm on yasmin, can I ask how long you were on yasmin before it started to make a difference? I don't want to go on dianette because it seems too strong 2. You are allergic to bp like me! I see we share the same pale complexion, perhaps also the same sensitivities. I think I might be...I have an oil free face wash which I think has SA in it too 3. You need good face wipes? I have been using simple for many years...they dont break me ou
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments and compliments. I just feel like I'm coming to my wits end. I can't concentrate on work or anything at the moment. I have three really sore spots that have just appeared on my chin and around my mouth...don't know why this is because for 6 months I've been clear of these
  6. Thanks guys. He doesn't seem to care about it but we dont speak about it...I just hate my face I want to be pretty and have flawless skin. It really does make me depressed
  7. In my original post it says that I dont use BP anymore because it irritates my face...I think I've possibly become immune to it aswell I'll take on board the advice about the AHA though, where would I get that from? Plus I live in the UK so it will be expensive to import dan's stuff wont it? I have looked into it before
  8. I have tried an oil free moisturiser and it seems to make my acne worse...could give it another go I suppose
  9. We don't talk about it, I never mention anything about acne, I pretend I don't have it if that makes sense...obviously he has eyes, but he never says anything. I don't think im attractive, the only nice thing about me is my eyes. Do you think my skin is really bad from those pics?
  10. I have attached some pics...I am so sad, my skin won't clear up, I have stopped using BP because it was irritating my skin. I can't come off the birth control I'm on because I know my skin will go even more mental. So currently I'm just using a face wash and taking vitamins...oh and the BCP. I feel like I can't be around my boyfriend with no makeup on and when I do take it off, I have to keep the lights off. He is so gorgeous, beautiful and can do so much better than me. I really love him but
  11. hey gorgeous~ its gonna be ok! and you are not disgustingly ugly!! your beautiful! and dont worry about what other people might be thinking. i love you!! we all do and were all in this together ~word of encouragement<3

  12. Had to upload it like this...me modelling for my friend's photography project http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a314/jen...memodelling.jpg
  13. I'm thinking of not touching the BP for two weeks and just using my usual face wash...neutrogena oil free and carry on with my vitamins etc