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  1. I dunno about that Tom. The smoke getting on your skin and the film sticking to your face can't be good I guess. You know how when you smoke a lot your cealing gets all stained and dusty, just imagine what its doing to your skin, teeth, lungs. However, pot is a lil different in that you can't really smoke a whole joint every hour like a cigg (unless your totally hardcore). So, yeah I don't know-
  2. Hey Emma, It sounds like your are doing pretty good. I know what bumps your talking about, Accutane is awesome at restoring your skins texture.
  3. Hey I quit smoking on Jan, 31. Yay its been 3 days. I am on the patch. Did you quit cold turkey? Last time I quit (cold turkey) my skin went crazy, it was oily and I kept getting bigger than ever cysts. This could have been me not smoking or just my horrid skin. Anyway, this time I am stepping down, hoping it doesn't effect my hormones as much. Good luck to you!!!
  4. Does anyone get a rash on their arms after showering? They are red itchy bumps but they go away ...usually after I put some lotion on them. I am just wondering if this will go away after the Accutane. Well, I have been using dove for sensitive skin on my face and I really like it. I don't have any pimples right now. Just healing stuff and red marks. I really like the texture of my skin, my blackheads have come out and my pores seem smaller. Even though I am happy with my skin, I am depressed.
  5. Nothing new to report. I need to figure out what day I am on. I got my cyst injected with cortizone. OUCH! That **** hurts!
  6. Hey all. Sorry its been so long since I have posted. I have been on a much needed vacation. My skin is doing good. It is about the same. Old cysts are still healing though. My doctor has gotten permission from my insurance company to inject them with cortisone. So I have my next appt. tomorrow. I may get my dosage upped if my blood comes out okay. I really hope my acne doesn’t come back after all of this. I will post pics this week. My nose is really dry when I wake up in the morning.
  7. cool site, thanks. its way more informative than my derm visits too!
  8. Agh, I am scared to get off of Accutane!!
  9. Hello all. Today is my 24th day on Accutane. Everything is going okay. I went to my derm appt. yesterday. I am still going to be on 40mg a day. He is going to see if my insurance company will let him inject a cyst that has been healing on my chin for over a month now. This may not happen until January, but I have a feeling it will still be there, "healing". Although it isn't, my face looks sunburned. It doesn't hurt though. I have 2 new little ones, one on my upper lip (tiny) and one on my j
  10. Good luck, bella! I look forward to reading about your progress
  11. hopefully someone can answer your questions. it doesnt look too severe to me. i know how you feel about the wind blowing your hair thing though. i hate the wind, i hate the wind, i hate the wind.