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  1. I need to vent... I am an intelligent and good looking 20 year old male. I took Accutane for 5 months and stopped because I began developing erectile dysfunction. I hoped that it would go away with time and maybe the drug just needed some time to get out of my system, but now it has been over a year. During this time, I have been forced to avoid sexual relationships almost completely. When the one girl I did try to get intimate with (x-gf from high school) found out, she broke up with me an
  2. Yea. I went off of it for 2 weeks during the treatment and everything came back to normal so my doctor said to finish up the course because she thought it would come back at the end.
  3. I went off Accutane mid September. It was very successful and cleared basically all my acne. However since being off, I found myself in the very small minority that became unable to have an erection. This has been a major self-esteem killer for me. I'm only 19 - how many kids have to deal with this? I have noticed very few others who have had this same problem. Have others condition gotten better after time? Has anyone with the same problem found anything that works for them? I don't eve
  4. I just got my blood test results back and am concerned about one of the tests. I have had no problems whatsoever. Here are the results ALT (<33) 12 12 12 13 55 CHOLESTEROL (<239) 144 150 178 164 149 TRIGLYCERIDES (<199) 72 88 71 80 78 Obviously, the ALT reading is what is worrying me. Is there any explanation for such normal cholesterol and triglyceride readings and such an outlying alt reading? Could it be that possible ice cream 10 hours before the test could have an influe
  5. Thank you for the responses. Its nice to talk about it with other people dealing with acne. I saw Kevin Pezzi's article about accutane and now Im really scared. I will definitely be putting in a call to my derm tomorrom. I just wished I could just stay on it long enough for all theses black heads to push themselves out....but I guess I shouldn't expect everything to go 100% as planned.
  6. I was just about to post about this. Helpppp. I had mild to moderate facial acne and moderate to severe back acne going into things with very oily skin. I am just about a month into things and my skin has never looked better. Pretty nonexistent IB. However I had many side effects: pretty bad sore back, tiredness, slight redness of skin. Recently though I have been worried about this exact side effect. At first I thought maybe it was just me having a rough day, but now I am confident that