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  1. okay so i may just be updating to myself but somehow it feels better to get it out! at least people who read this can relate, i seem to be the only one i know with these issues! so newest update: saw my derm at 5:00pm today! holy hell were the injections painful!!!!! but so worth it x10! she also gave me a dose of keflex, an antibiotic that will be a little boost to the accutane. i dont currently have any active breakouts (pleeeeeease i hope i dont jinx myself) so she said i may notice more ra
  2. update: so today is day 3 of the 2 pulsating, painful cysts. the one that came to a head has been "sealed over" with hard, clear scab. i can clearly see 2 greenish yellow pockets of pus under that one and the other is still just cyst-y. i called my derms office almost in tears asking to be seen. i think it may be infected? ive never had something like this before and its so embarrasing when my staff and family just stare at it. i cant even laugh or open my mouth all the way. the derms office t
  3. thank you for your input! i caved and called my derm yesterday to ask her what she thought.... and she said i should try and wait it out its frustrating because the shots are FREE! so ive continued with the tea tree oil and warm compress at night. one came to a head yesterday and with the compress the white part dissappeared. i DO NOT want to break the skin because it will take weeks to heal, so i will continue to dry the crap out of them and wish them away!
  4. hey, i had pretty much the same thing...small to medium raised bumps that wouldnt decide if they were coming or going! i saw my derm during 2 month accutane checkup and she injected them with a diluted steroid. hurt like a mother effer but sooo worth it! they were all (4) GONE by the next day. they have the stuff right in the office, well at least at kaiser, so since you will be seeing your derm, it wouldnt hurt to ask if you're up to it. i highly recommend the injections. hope that helps!
  5. i got my first series of steroid injections on day 68, im now on day 83. i never knew they even existed until my 2 month check up when i was explaining to my derm that the cysts i had on my face were from before i started accutane, they were very persistant little jerks that were just hanging out all over my jaw and lower cheeks. so she told me about diluted steroid injections and she could do them right now! she did 4 injections and it was miraculous! within 12 hours they were almost all flatte
  6. i really like the last line of your post! im going to start saying that to myself everyday...im 4 weeks from my wedding and i have been more stressed than ever! im almost at the 3 month mark and still getting new breakouts BUT i shall perservere! think happy thoughts....
  7. ok so i just thought i would share a really embarrasing story that happend to me back in march of 09...all because of acne "/ so, my best friend graduates cosmetology school and is ready to take the state board! she asks me to be her "model" which would include me sitting for 5 hours as she completed various techniques required to become a licensed cosmotologist in the state of california. so we make it through almost all of the required and timed demonstrations, about 4.5 hours in...each perso
  8. thank you for your feedback! whitershade: i am 25, and wouldnt consider myself new to drinking. sadly ive had lots of experience with drinking but wouldnt say im an alcoholic. the 8-10 shots is extreme and thats why i was wondering if my blood tests came back normal pre tane, then is drinking a little wine going to affect me? or is there another side effect alcohol has in combination with the medication?
  9. so i am guilty of drinking A LITTLE BIT since starting accutane. on DAY 4 i had 2 beers, DAY 5 i had a corona, and yesterday DAY 11 i bought a bottle of white wine and had 3 small sips....this sounds worse typed out that it did in my head. SO...im wondering about how much and if any alcohol everyone has had while on accutane. early in the course or late? could it really show signs of damage to my liver? is that why they say not to drink? (liver damage) my dad is a physician and says that sipping
  10. DAY 12 i am starting my log today because there hasnt been too much change in my skin since i started on 5-12-09. during the first 2 days i had a dull headache throughout the day and was feeling slightly queasy but randomly and only for like 3 or 4 minutes at a time. im drinking a tonnn of water and trying to eat super healthy. SO as of last night/this morning i have some clear signs of side effects my skin is drying out slowly, flaking on my forehead and around current breakouts, but i am use
  11. started photo log 1 week prior to accutane
  12. Hey! Just wanted to wish you good luck! Ive been having so much trouble getting on Accutane too!

    For the past 3 months stuff has got screwed up, ( labs came back weird, didnt get my results,doctor on vacation, prescription expired!) And I finally got on it im only on Day 2 hehe long way to go lol. So I will cross my fingers for you! Everything happens for a reason and it w

    1. hey everyone, just got back from my 2nd derm appointment and am slightly frustrated...initially i went to the derm on 3/24/09 after being referred by my primary, during the visit she gave me the ipledge booklet and sent me to the lab to get my blood drawn, which would include a pregnancy test. so she then scheduled me another appointment for today 4/8/09 to register with the ipledge system. so i received the lab results a few weeks ago and im in great health and NOT PREGNANT! i was under the imp