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  1. So I'm African American and have tons of dark marks on my forehead left over from acne. I want to know what could I use or try to start to get rid of these marks and even my skin tone as fast as possible. Any ideas are helpful.
  2. I found this on yahoo answers and wanted to share to see if anyone has tried this. Here's the link but i'll copy and paste it too. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qi...28145219AAzrEjh Sit back... this is a LONG answer, but I wanted to help you out! I know it can be frustrating. This REALLY works!! There are 3 people sent me an email saying to me that it worked for them!! This was also been chosen by 10 members to be the best answer because it worked for them too!! Proof, see my best a
  3. I've heard that if the soap is black than it's fake Black soap and so I want the crumbly rockish looking soap. I was wondering which brand should I try? Also if you've used the rocky kind and switched to a different form of it and that worked better I'd like to kno that too. Suggestions are welcome as well.
  4. I've had bad acne for 4 years now and nothing I've used has worked. I haven't used anything in about a year and my acne has gotten slightly worse. I'm 15 by the way if that's relevant in anyway. I've been using this soap my girlfriend got for me last week and it's called African Formula Black Soap with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. I searched online and found out that it's not real black soap you know the rockish crumbly kind but my gf insisted I use it. So I've been using it and haven't really not
  5. I haven't actually been using anything for several months i think. I wash my face twice a day and occasionally rub ice on it. That's about it.
  6. I'm 14 and I've suffered from moderate-severe acne for years. Anyway my question is will this http://www.walgreens.com/store/catalog/Lot...5822041-product help my acne? I've been wanting to try Max clarity but I can get this faster and have read many people praise what it can do to acne. Also will me being African American affect anything? Like with hyper pigmentation or anything.
  7. I'm 14 and I still have acne and I have plenty of black marks on my forehead. I think I can get rid of the marks but then I still have to worry about my acne. Anyway, I was wondering if I should wait to get rid of my acne before I got rid of the black marks? If I should get rid of the marks would bio oil help? Also, on a unrelated note can ethnicity influence your acne in some way? I've been wondering about this for ages.
  8. So for now what should I start using until I decide whether or not to use Dan's regimen?
  9. If I put on Milk of Magnesia I run the risk of my pH balance being disrupted and dry skin will occur which would take 14 hours for my skin to return to normal. Most likely I would have put it on again within those 14 hours causing permanent dry skin. Since MOM is alkaline it's ph is above seven and putting it on could irritate my skin. So MOM would be a bad thing to use I see.
  10. So I should stop using the Apricot Scrub? Okay I'll try that. I do get papules and cysts sometimes. So the regimen could help with that. I may try the regimen but my question is since I have some MOM in my cabinet could that help reduce inflammation and reduce the size of pores and potentially rid me of my acne?
  11. I was recommended St Ives when someone said it worked for them and I should try it. I have moderate acne. Don't really have much of a regimen since I know only a little about acne and what products not to use. But usually I use Neutrogena facial bar, and the Neutrogena Blackhead clearing scrub. This usually keeps new pimples from appearing and makes breakouts less severe.
  12. I was wondering since I've used all types of acne products that haven't worked and now I'm using St Ives Apricot Scrub which I think has given me more pimples should I try Lavender Oil and Milk of Magnesia? All I've heard is good things about the 2 and have heard how fast they can work. So I'm going to switch to one of them and was wondering which one I should try first? If any of you have some different ideas feel free to post them. Also since I'm African American does the melanin in my skin