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  1. Wattupppp mr Worhopper

    1. Full disclosure: I am a few years older than 20, so part of my clearing up might be due to age.
    2. I've observed that at least for me, Dan's BP works better than On-The-Spot. The reason: On-The-Spot contains titanium dioxide, a white pigment. In order to prevent my face from looking white, I must spread out the On-The-Spot bp thin enough that the white does not show. However, I find that with Dan's BP, I can apply significantly more BP without worrying about whiteness. I find that the effective concentration of BP for me is slightly higher than is possible to apply with On-The-Spot. Also
    3. I am not providing pictures simply because I prefer to remain anonymous. Sorry.
    4. Fish may be healthy, but at least for me, I always break out after eating it. I am note sure the reason, but a possible explanation is that it contains iodine. Both fish and milk contain iodine, so this could perhaps be a common explanation for why both fish and milk seem to make me break out. One way to test this hypothesis would be for me to take an iodine supplement or eat iodized salt and see if it breaks me out or for me to eat fish with low iodine (such as farm grown fish) and see if it
    5. For the past several years I've tried many things and tested many hypotheses. I think I've finally pinned down what works for me: topicals: - wash with non-residue leaving soap (such as neutrogena acne-prone bar) - clindamycin phosphate lotion and benzoyl peroxide (otc 2.5%), twice daily - moisturizer once daily (such as cetaphil), each morning only food: -no dairy -no fish or seafood -no vitamin supplements or health foods that have added iodine directions for applying topicals (order matte
    6. There is a lot of debate about this. The only way to know is to try not eating dairy for a while (over a month straight) and see if your acne improves. I have completely stopped eating dairy for the past few months, as I think dairy gives me acne. I have noticed an improvement. In particular, I have been dealing mostly with getting rid of old acne, but I haven't got as many new pimples since stopping dairy. Funny thing is my roommate has acne and drinks a lot of milk. I want to suggest not
    7. You should see a dermatologist or doctor.
    8. some areas are more sensitive to bp. that just means you should put less bp on that area. it takes some time to figure out exactly how much to use on each part of your face. but I find that i can use the most on the forehead and on the sides of my face, and much less on my nose and even less under the eye area (hardly any there at all) and about a medium amount on my chin and lower cheeks. It takes some getting used to. If you're flaking though, it just means you should use a little bit les
    9. Just put a bit less bp on that area for a few days and use LOTS of jojoba oil mixed with moisturizer. Jojoba oil really does a good job at preventing flakes. But keep in mind, the damage to your skin from the bp will take a few days at least to heal, so your skin might keep flaking for a few days even after you reduce the bp. Jojoba oil will help by moisturizing, hence reducing flaking, and because it simply makes the flakes stick to your skin more and become more invisible, as opposed to b
    10. So I saw an interesting channel on youtube by a girl who apparently solved her acne. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links (mods?) but I thought I'd share the link and see what you guys think. http://www.youtube.com/user/Tarynbeth
    11. Wow amazing idea here - that's really thinking outside the box. I actually recently started using neosporin + pain releif cream although I might consider trying potassium sorbate. Please keep us updated on whether this stuff continues to work.
    12. - There are many options. In my opinion, I would stay away from lemon juice as that is really strong and might burn a little and I would stay away from vinegar, since it is acidic and may alter the pH of your skin. Note that vinegar is useful for treating yeast infections, but not bacterial infections like acne (to the best of my knowledge). I have had a lot of success with the on-the-spot 2.5% benzoyl peroxide in combination with the prescription topical antibiotic clindamycin phosphate lotio