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  1. Hey everyone. I got some great advice a while ago on starting to wear makeup but I've run into a problem. It seems as if no matter what I do I can't apply my foundation properly and my skin ends up looking flaky and cakey. First I tried to get away with applying the foundation(Maybelline Pure Makeup) with my fingers but that didn't work. I switched to Loreal True Match foundation and shelled out some cash for the Smashbox Photo Finish light primer and a Sephora foundation brush. Unfortunately
  2. Thanks for the advice Isabella123! Well for the longest time I was using neutrogena products (acne foam wash, acne scrub, acne clearing moisturizer, etc) but my breakouts were still pretty bad. It wasn't until I had a horrible reaction to their acne stress-control toner that I decided to stay away from neutrogena for a while. I decided to switch to clearasil for my face wash(ultra gel wash and the ultra acne clearing scrub for when I feel like I need to exfoliate) and as for moisturizer I use Cl
  3. My skin has cleared up for the most part but I have a lot of hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, while I was actively breaking out, I ended up picking up a fear of things touching my face. Not really a fear, but I try to avoid having anything touch my face like the plague. This means food, my hands, my hair, making sure my face doesn't touch the pillowcase when I sleep, etc. This also applies to makeup but not to things like my moisturizer or sunscreen. I've had acne since I was about 13 years o
  4. I feel the same way when I go to the makeup store. In my head I imagine that the people are thinking, "Why is she here looking at makeup? Shouldn't she be looking for ways to clear up her face first?" Sigh. It sucks because I love looking at makeup but sometimes the anxiety of going into those stores is too much.
  5. Thanks for the advice. You're right, four days is too little time to notice anything. At the moment the murad gel hasn't really improved my hyperpigmentation but it hasn't made them worse. I'll give it more time before I decide to continue using it or not.
  6. So my acne has cleared up for the most part but I’m left with these hyperpigmentation spots all over my cheeks. After trying a bunch of things that didn’t seem like they were working I decided to finally use hydroquinone. I decided on the Murad Spot and Pigment lightening gel that has 2% hydroquinone. I’ve only been putting it on the areas where I have the hyperpigmentation. This is the fourth day I’ve been using it I notice that the actual spots are a little lighter but the area aroun