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  1. Hi everyone, well I get closed comedones which are torture and some worse than others. The bad ones I convince myself wont go away ever unless I pop them, which ends up making a nice cut most of the time. I don't know, my extraction skills are terrible, I try to be careful but I always end up scraping the skin around the pore off like so that it is raw and then it scabs, bigger then the clogged pore was of course. I guess my fingers slip. Whatever I need to stop picking and leave them alone or
  2. Can u use Finacea on a raw type red mark? This really wasn't even from a pimple, just me scratching at a patch of dry skin instead of exfoliating it. It wasn't ready and I made a scratch, it turned in to a scab which was good, I left it on for about a day and then that night put a bandaid on it w/ vit e so it would come off. It did it was good, then the next day I put a lil makeup on it because it was still a bit pink. It looked too dry so I was wiping it off with a towel, guess I did it too rou