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  1. Try to get retin a micro .10, it absolutely destroyed my acne and red marks in 3 months.
  2. It is possible that you are putting on too much, however if you are using only a pea sized amount the peeling is normal, trust me. As for the dead skin being like dirt, it doesn't matter because dirt doesn't clog pores, the skin is just coming off. That is just a marketing scheme. My skin peeled really bad until week 7 for me. In the meantime, you can use some aquaphor for the flakes, it really helped me.
  3. Please just relax, everything is going to be fine. It will heal in just a couple of day or weeks at most. In the meantime don't pick, poke, or pull on it. I have had numerous of those and they always heal up.
  4. The tretinoin will just take time. But it will kick some acne ass. Don't stop. For me, changing my diet helped my jaw acne. Basically no sugar, and very little carbs, it sucks but it works.
  5. Hibiscrub is the UK version I believe. I used it for only about 2 week because I got put on Retin A micro. But I helped get rid of cyst, but didn't really clear me up. But then again it was only two weeks.
  6. I would say you have the form of acne that is non-existent.
  7. Did your skin clear up while on Retin a the first time?
  8. I bet its just blood trapped under the skin (bruise) and it could be infected. Definitely don't squeeze it anymore.
  9. Well, now I'm on day 5 now and I am a peeling mess. I'm literally skipping a class right because I look like some sort of snake or something. My face isn't any redder then usual but seriously I am peeling so bad like I got a serious sunburn or something.
  10. I just started Retin A on Friday so 2 days ago. The first night, I didn't feel any irritation, some redness no stinging, no peeling. The second night I applied it I noticed a slight tingle, but no pain a little redness, ever so slight peeling. I haven't even put it on yet for the third night, but I just got done playing soccer (hardly sweat) it was too cold. Anyways, when I was in the shower I put Cetaphil on my face and burnt like hell instantly, so I instantly wiped it away and it was fine. I
  11. I understand that you are trying to help other people. Just so you know bacterial acne can be inflamed. For the OP, those look like hyperpigmentation marks, that's about it, can take anywhere between 3 weeks to a year to heal depending on how your skin usually acts.
  12. It doesn't even look like a psuedo scar to me, It still looks slightly inflamed or recently popped. Although the sebum might be gone, the infection still seems present, I wouldn't squeeze that spot for sure, if you do you risk spreading that infected area to other parts of you face. Overall you skin isn't bad at all though, I'm sure you know that. I honestly recommend the baby brush method for all red/dark spots. It helped some of mine disappear in 2 weeks, but my deeper ones are still present b
  13. I honestly wouldn't even say those are hyperpigmentation or scars. They just look like erythema caused by the inflammation of the spots. You should look into the baby brush method, just remember be gentle and wear sunscreen and moisturize. Those spots will go away in 1-3 months I promise.