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  1. Here are some of my before and after photos 5 months in on 20mg Roaccutane.... One word, amazing! I have had no side effects at all other than slight dryness after showers...which I wouldnt have even noticed if the dryness wasnt mentioned! I see so many people with bad acne and I feel so sorry for them and would recommend Accutane to anyone and everyone who would listen! I have so much more confidence now, dating, dancing......everything!!! I AM SO HAPPY! Have faith people, hold in th
  2. You have done so well! You must be so pleased! Remember to thank the skin gods every evening LOL!! I know I will once im done! Makes you appreciate your skin SO MUCH MORE!
  3. Wow, looks like your doing great hon! Update us soon missy!! xoxox
  4. Hello hon!! I hope your holding up well!!! Update us soon missy xoxoxo
  5. Hey hon! How are you doing?! I use Estee Lauder EVERYTHING! I use the Doublewear its my holy grail! Dont know what I would do without it! Have you tried the Estee Lauder Anti Redness Primer , that may work really well for you hon?! xoxoxoxo
  6. Hello hon! Just a few comforting words for you! DO NOT WORRY! I have had ups and downs this month too! My derm has said the first 3 months are the worst! I will have had my 30th pill tomorrow and for the past few days, mainly with the Prednisone to be fair! Although I was starting to have good days last wednesday and taking the Prednisone since Friday and from then on I have been so happy in my skin (80% clear not 100% but IM HAPPY) I am also on Antibiotics for this month and was on t
  7. HELLO MY LOVELIES! I am sorry I have not updated in a while! I fell down my stairs at home so was out of action for a while and use my works computer! Quick update and I am planning on posting up some more pictures tomorrow! I had my second Dermatologist appointment Friday just gone, all is well with the blood test, still experiencing no side effects other than dryness after the shower (which I prob wouldnt of even noticed if I wasnt told lol)! So tomorrow is my 30 day mark! WOW where ha
  8. 'Chloe_1' date='Oct 2 2009, 12:16 PM' OH YAY THANK YOU HON, MEANS A LOT!! It does feel a lot less angry now!! And it doesnt hurt to touch and put on my makeup!! AND im getting my hair cut tonight and I was nearly in tears last time as I have a sore patch near my right ear and they kept catching it by mistake whilst washing my hair etc and it hurt so so much BUT today it doesnt hurt to touch, still looks bumpy but whatevers, im sooo excited to get my hair done painlessly LOL! Oh I do hope
  9. That is so true! I have just read your log, thanks for coming back to update us...always good to hear the 'after' part of Accutane. Overall are you happy you took Accutane? Are you going to do anything for the red marks/scars? I'm 9 weeks into my course now and after a dreadful Ib have been left with a lot of red marks and some indented scars....however try not to worry too much about the red marks. That isn't actually scarring and will fade considerably in time I never had pitted
  10. Day 9 - 11 Right, sorry I havent posted the last few days but I am going to post every few days with an update and picture so that we can tell if there is more difference etc! I am posting day 9 pictures now and then I will post Day 14 or 15 in my next post....unless I have any strange things start to happen!! So basically my face still isnt as dry as I thought it would be other than the spots I already have all just seem to be scabbing over and flaking off...along with the whiteheads I have
  11. Hey hon! Dont fret, I am having the exact same thing, word for word! Quick reply about the Cetaphil and Doublebase! My Ma went to a big Boots (not the little ones you get, the larger stores) she went to the Pharmacy and they gave her both of them! Just go in and ask at the Pharmacy and if they dont have them in stock they will order you some (they dont stock it on the shelves) Get some of that, the bottle for the Cetaphil will look different to the ones you see on the net but I checked
  12. Hi ya! Im on day 10 today!!! Im still experiencing the HIGHS and lows of IB - OH JOY lol But hang in there, im sure we will soon be seeing the benefits!!!
  13. Hey ya! Ok, I dont want to worry you but............I used to apply Sudocreme, it used to take the redness away etc........when I told my Dermatologist he nearly HIT THE ROOF! He says IT IS THE WORST THING YOU CAN PUT ON YOUR SKIN AS SUDOCREM WILL CLOG YOUR PORES EVEN MORE! He totally knows what he is talking about too, MY DERM IS THE CREME DE LA CREME HERE IN LONDON! SO PLEASE......................stop using the Sudocrem, just use a simple, gentle cleanser and moisturizer like Cetaphil Gentle
  14. Good luck and keep us up to date with your progress!! There have been so many amazing success stories I am sure we will be joining them soon and doing the 'happy dance' hehehe! I am currently on Day 9 with 20mg Accutane, due to go on 40mg next month and I am in the middle of the IB process.........But as it seems today is has it good days and its bad days....Im just looking forward to the day when its ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
  15. Your not the only one, Ive been popping mine too, they tend to scab over the next day, then fall off and be red and then clear!!! Clearing real quick so far! Though I left a whitehead the other day from Friday - Sunday it dried up but then reappeared, making me think maybe I am doing the right think popping them, eeeeeeeeek I dont know! But id rather pop them in my own home than them splatter on their own whilst im at work or in a meeting! YUK! :snooty: Yeah basically my regime is Cetaphil