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  1. Thanks, got accepted on the spot and invited to some test day tomorrow to see if it's the right job for me, worth a shot. I done better than I expected. Cheers again everyone, this truly proves to me that worrying about how you look doesn't help anything, and it certainly doesn't actually effect getting a job if you have the right qualities.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, all sorted for the interview. Just need to give the interviewer good eye contact and get it over with. Maybe I'll use my hands a lot to distract him from my face XDD But yeah seriously, thanks a lot for the comments, I'll do my best
  3. So after a good year or so of reasonable skin and feeling confident, my skin has decided to go into evil-mode and become quite bad again for no reason whatsoever. It tends to be red, sore and spotty for a bit when I shave, so I tend to avoid that when I can, but with a job interview tomorrow, when I shave for it in the morning, I'm going to have a nice day of bright red skin and sore shaving spots. (I shave correctly, I once even took like an hour on shaving perfectly but my skin still likes to
  4. Haha sorry, I get excited when I see UK'rs x

    1. Hahah! xD Indeed.

      1. Not a problem! Glad I could help.

        1. Come on the Uk son x

          1. Kharn

            Potential Win

            I'm not 100% certain, but I do think it helps scars. Rofl, indeed. And err, I don't think it does have any other names - not that I know of. I got it from "Boots", but i'm in the united kingdom, might not be available for you >< Hmm, I don't think sudacrem does clog pores unless you apply a exceptionally large amount to one area. And sorry I took so long to reply everyone, been offline for a while ><
          2. Kharn


            Yeah, sudacrem is awesome stuff, really helped me too.
          3. ta for posting that stuff about bio-oil, bought it, but then wondered how effective it really is... :) x

            1. Bio-oil DOES work. I'm tired of the people who say it doesn't work and quit after 2 weeks. It says "apply twice daily for a MINIMUM of 2 months" - I personally apply it 3 times a day though. Trust me, keep at it ^^ Good luck.
            2. Bio-oil. It contains vitamin E in the ingredients. Additionally, it's non-acnegenic, so you will NOT get additional acne when applying it.
            3. Kharn


              Just random pics of me
            4. First of all, welcome to the forums. I was on Tetracycline 250 mg - 2 tablets at a time, twice per day for 2 months. It was extremely good stuff (once you get used to the fact that you can't eat after taking the tablet)... I was always so hungry! xD But yeah, by the sounds of things, (but I'm no expert), it looks all good to me what you're doing. One thing I can say for sure, is that Tetracycline takes a long time to kick in, so don't give up on the stuff! Expect a result within 4 weeks. Good
            5. It takes a while for your skin to adapt to anything new you are applying. Give it a while longer (4 days is too short for anything) and if the redness gets worse, or you fail to see any improvement, I'd advise you to stop and try something else. Good luck.