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  1. KissesLauren


    My progress using tretinoin, with benzoil peroxide and spirnolactone and minocyline
  2. Ok so I started a whole makeover process this week. Skin, hair, weight loss. So I decided to update you guys on the products I am using as well. Weightloss: NatureWise Green Coffee bean extract have not changed my diet as of yet so its just the pills. I am hoping that these pill do not negative affect myskin I started at 121.4 lbs Goal 114lbs Day 1:121.4 lbs****Sept 11/Day 2 : 120 lbs****Day 3: 118.8 lbs*****Day 4: 119 lbs******Sept 14/Day 05: 119 lbs*** Hair: Mega Tek This is a pro
  3. Go foundation free...whats the worst that can happen. People will see your acne, but it will give your skin a break.
  4. I did stop using my clarisonic knock-off
  5. Thanks I'l have to try this. Do I just use regular honey? How long do I leave it on before washing it off?
  6. I haven't used my peel in over a week. I am going to wait until my face is less sensative
  7. Ok so today is day 28 and yesterday was the first day that think I actually saw some improvement in my face. I am still continuing to break out but it seems to be slightly less. Right now I have an active break out on my upper right cheek, but that seems to be my only new large/painful break out. My left cheek continues to heal from my insentience picking. My flesh colored bumps do not seem to have any major progress, but I can see a slow steady change. I have stopped using to sirus sonic at th
  8. I am finishing up the first week of the initial breakout period. I have been doing my treatment for 23 days now. I have to admit this week has been hard. I had a date this weekend so I use my olay peel 2 days in a row... BIG mistake. I ended up making my face raw! I had to slather my face in moisturizer and I couldn't use the tretinion for 2 days. In the last few days my face has continued to break out horribly. Its awful my cheeks and even up near the corner of my left eye is broken out. I co
  9. So did the accutane help with the white bumps or was it only the face wash? Is it this face wash http://www.lorealparisusa.com/en/Products/Skin-Care/Cleansers-Makeup-Removers/Go-360-Clean-Anti-Breakout-Facial-Cleanser.aspx
  10. About me & my acne: So I have acne for as long as I can remember. Acne runs in my family and I remember having blackheads and pimples from before I was 10.So Now I'm 24 and honestly I really thought that I'd be done with acne at this point. I have always had cystic acne on my cheeks and chin. A few years ago I started to notice these small white or flesh colored bumps at the corners of my mouth. As time has passed the are now covering my chin and started to spread up to my cheeks. They don'
  11. I don't think they are clogged pores. I used to use AHA daily and do glycolic and TCA peels regularly but it never did anything for them
  12. KissesLauren

    Helped me get rid of my cystic acne, lost water weight Takes a few days to get used to, peeing a lot, weird heart rate for a few days, low blood pressure There are defiantly side effects but for me its totally worth it.
  13. I have small White fleshy colored bumps on my chin near the corners of my mouth. The thing is that they kinda sound like milia, or pityrosporum folliculitis, or closed comedones. I have tried tons bacterial treatments,oral antibiotics, and bp. I have done TCA peels, glycolic peels and used AHA cream. I asked my derm about it several months ago and she gave me yet another cream that doesn't help. My camera won't take a good picture but it looks most similar to this.http://img155.imageshack.us/i