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  1. Ive been afk for some time. Sorry about that. I was getting limited interest so i didnt bother checking the site anymore. Ill write more when i have more time but results are great and seem to have improved over the years. Alot of colour has returned.probably around 70-80%. You have to look hard to notice it. Im planning to have more done. This time recell combined with needling in order to break up scar tissue under the skin. So yes its a success for me. Think about it. There was up unti
  2. francisk, it would be great if you could post pictures so we can swap notes or PM me if you like (I pmed you Jeremies details) @Cherry, your story sounds exactly like mine, in my case i had 3 cysts and then they joined into one big one. Soul destoying for a 18 year old at the time. Its good to know im inspiring hope so ill keep updating. Nothing really new to say other than i have further improvement but its slow, so ill wait a little longer before i post something new All in all a great
  3. Recell cant be used alone. If he did something wrong i would assume whatever procedure he did prior to the application of recell caused your problem? Let me guess...co2 laser? Give more details if you need advice or share your story so others can learn the dangers. So he didnt do the procedure?
  4. Its now a little over 4 months. Things have been quite hectic in my life to say the least. So sorry for those who have been eagerly awaiting an update. Firstly about a month ago Dr Rawlins gave me a UV protocol to follow. I have had about 15-20 minutes of direct sun exposure twice a week. Ok so in relation to the pigmentation. Pigment is better and better every week. It depends on what mirror I look in still. Some make it appear like its less, others more, but there is no doubt that the pig
  5. Hi, i never kept a list but i basically googled alot of the information Melanocytes, melanin, melanogenesis (wiki has some good stuff) Avita case studies of course Vitiligo treatment and melanocyte transfer/transplantation I got the names of the recell surgeons from the avita case studies and googled them, checked out there web sites and emailed some of them. Hypopigmentation medical reports. Interviews with rajiv sood(heading the FDA trials in us), fiona wood and William dolphin Contact
  6. its interesting hes taking the biopsy from your armpit? Dr Maini? Not as odd as Dr Khan wanting to take it from my butt though Supposedly more stemcells but not sure about melanocytes.
  7. Hi dubldwn01. Firstly, great we can swap notes. What laser did he use and was it fractional or fully ablative?. How big were the hypopigmented area? What to expect (I hope this helps)... When my skin was pink after the procedure I could still see the white patches under the skin. It concerned me at first and I doubted that he gone deep enough As the pinkness started fading I still saw the white patches. Still concerned. What made it easier was researching skin biology to see how it all work
  8. Pop jeremy rawlins in the list while you're at it. He is taught by fiona wood herself after all
  9. Here is an interview with Fiona Wood. Co inventor of recell. Worth listening to. http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2012/07/05/3539613.htm?site=conversations Ive been flat out but will update my thread soon
  10. My donor site is behind the ear but under the hair line. i.e he shaved a patch of hair. To be honest I havent looked as its not visible It was treated with recell as well I beleive.
  11. Ill post more pics at 3 months. So in a few more weeks. Everything looking great. Pigment is coming through albeit slowly but the pigment "is definately there" so its already a success in my books. Just need to see how much I get over the next 12 months. I would say 10-20% pigment returned so far on the large patch, and only after 2 months!. Scars are looking really smoothed out. Slight pinkiness on that side as the dermabrasion went deeper. Need to be patient
  12. Jeremy Rawlins - SkinFX Clinic Glascow http://skinfxclinics.com/contact-us/ Dr Maini http://www.zenithcosmeticclinics.co.uk/index.php/our-team/ Dr Khan http://www.harleystreetskinclinic.com/ There are more but I am at work at the mo. I think there is a post by another forum user that lists even more surgeons although Jeremy was not on that list.
  13. Im very interested to hear your outcome. Good luck
  14. Not sure I understand your question. Depending on ethnicity everyone has certain amounts of natural melanin. More is created with exposure to the sun. I was told to use sunscreen in order that the melanocytes arent damaged before they have a change to multiply and start functioning. Sunscreen ensures you dont get burnt, thus damaging the new skin cells. I am still slightly erythemic so I havent fully healed. After 12 months Im supposed to start exposing myself more and more. However there is pa