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  1. I know you shouldn't take any form of vitamin A while on accutane but I do like to take my multivitamins which unfortunately has vitamin A in it. It is listed as mainly beta-carotene. Think it'll be a problem?
  2. Is it okay to switch antibiotics after a month? Let's say I was taking Tetracycline for a month and then switched to Doxycycline, would there be a problem?
  3. Letting you guys know that I will be starting this regimen tomorrow. I had already suspected my internals being unhealthy because of past antibiotics and not enough BM per day as someone who eats a crap ton of protein and carbs. As an adult who's been suffering for over 12 years, I can no longer blame it on genetics or hormones. I've always taken an external approach with topicals and cleansers but after thousands of dollars wasted, this regimen seems only logical. I am 99% clear with a BP reg
  4. Instead of using fresh greens can I use powders like wheatgrass?
  5. Doubt it. Subcision is more effective because it cuts the scar tissue that is pulling down your skin. It also causes a hematoma which can induce many things like collagen growth. Don't think needling can achieve that. The whole point of this treatment is to disconnect the scar tissue thats tethering down your skin. Causing a hematoma (creates a gap between skin and scar tissue) and basically sucking your skin so that the scar tissue don't reattach itself while you still have a hematoma. A
  6. I cannot answer your question perfectly about downtime as I've never had Fraxel restore. But it's safe to say that you will have redness for a week or two. Depending on your skin type and how deep your doctor goes. Keep in mind though, everyone is different. Some people will be out of the house in 3 days, others might not feel comfortable going out for two weeks.
  7. There's discrepancies because people are stupid. The reviews are mixed because people don't know the difference between Fraxel re:fine, re:store and re:pair. All different lasers. HUGE difference in results. This is also why you see such discrepancies with prices. You'll get different prices from doctors because some have already made their money to pay back for the laser purchase. Some will charge more because they are more experienced. Some will charge less with bundle treatments. ETC. Don'
  8. Both of you... I've seen both of your pics.. You guys are obsessing over nothing. Lol. Real talk, I think you guys need a break from these boards. Back to topic. OP, I've used copper peptides. They are expensive and gave me no results. I used them in conjuction with skin needling/dermarolling. They also caused me to breakout. That is just my experience. Some people and long time CP users swear by them. They are usually the ones that don't have much scarring/pore problems to begin with though.
  9. Heh, the long post is greatly appreciated, no need for apology! My belief is a combination of both healthy and clear. Every prescription I've been on has worked to an extent. But I always strived for more. Greedy I suppose. If it came down to it though, I suppose I'd choose clear skin over healthy skin. But really, when does it stop.. 5+ more years on benzoyl peroxide will drive me crazy. Wash. Wait. BHA. Wait. BP. Wait. Face turns a little red. Wait. Moisturizer. Wait. Twice daily. Maybe it's
  10. rumah, boxcars are the hardest to treat, at least in my opinion and experience. Ask your derm about punch floats/lifts/elevations, whatever he wants to call them. Worked very well for my boxcar scars. Boxcar cannot be huge though, less than 2mm is ideal. asking for scar revision with no consequences is a really hard thing to do. A lot of times your scar gets worse before it gets better. Good luck to you, but seriously, one scar? Stop worrying so much!
  11. Like some people on this board I've been suffering from acne for over 12 years. I remember telling myself that I'd grow out of it. I'd wait patiently year after year and well, I don't think I'll grow out of it. I've seen numerous derms and have tried everything. Antibiotics, Topicals, Accutane, Laser/Light treatment, etc. All of the said treatments did have some effect. Most kept me 90% clear, until my skin/body became tolerant and a huge flare up would ensue. Accutane got me 100% clear but afte
  12. Ask your derm about the TCA peel. If you are talking about TCA Cross, I absolutely do not recommend you use that method for that scar. If you're talking about a regular TCA peel, then yeah it could help, but again, ask your doctor. Personally, I wouldn't touch any scar after a revision technique for at least a month. You said you got dermabrasion.. It will take at least 6 months for collagen rebuilding. Unfortunately the discoloration will be there for a LONG time. It is the scar tissue deep,
  13. It would be wise to ask your doctor and not us. I've been on accutane and I've had lasers. I know what both can do to my skin and how the healing process is. I'd personally not take accutane after fraxel for at least 4-6 months. That's just my .02 cents. If the doctor says you can take it earlier then meh.
  14. Hey JesseJ, welcome to the forums. You wrote a lot so I'll just try to touchbase on some of the things you brought up. Forgive me if my organizational skills are teh suck. First off, I think it is a great idea to go to South Korea. As a fellow Korean myself, I wanted to go to South Korea for treatment but I was unable to find information and it would have been a gamble for me. You on the otherhand, have been referenced by your own family and have it planned out. I'd go for it. But let me warn y
  15. Dermal grafts work but from my understanding they are less favorable because the scar left behind is the most noticeable out of the revision techniques like excision, subcision etc. I could be wrong, but this was just my understanding. I will tell you right now though, I'd rather have a level scar than a depressed scar. Discoloration and such can always be covered with a tinted moisturizer. All doctors will push laser procedures on you sooner or later. Approach your revision as a plan. Set r