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  1. I have this pimple that looks like a blackhead, but there is inflammation around it. Also, there is like a raised bump. This particular pimple doesn't seem to heal. Any advice on getting rid of it?
  2. I have several inflamed pimples that show no signs of healing. They showed up a few days ago and have just been sitting there. None of them have formed a whitehead or anything. Since they don't seem to heal on their own, I just I'll have to use some kind of treatment to deal with them. Any suggestions? Preferably something that I'd most likely have available at home. I don't want to spend a fortune on some fancy cream that might not even work.
  3. In two weeks I'll be going on vacation, seeing lots of people, and visiting many places. I would enjoy the trip a lot more if my skin at the time. The thing is, I haven't taken the best care of my skin over the last few days. From what I've heard, pimples take about two weeks before they form and become visible. This has made me nervous, am I in trouble? Also, what is the best way to prevent pimples during my trip?
  4. I've been suffering from mild acne since I was 14, and now I'm 17. My acne wasn't as noticeable for the first year or so, but then it worsened to the point where people would start giving me negative comments about it. That's when I started treating it, trying numerous creams, improving my health and lifestyle, and even taking suggestions from people on this website. In fact, I've actually made a couple topics similar to this one since I first registered here. The disappointing part of this st
  5. Unfortunately, I got a few new zits today and I would like them gone by the end of the weekend. They haven't formed whiteheads yet. At the moment they just look like red bumps. If I put a little of my cleansing soap on a cotton ball with warm water and applied it to my new spots, would they form whiteheads faster?
  6. I'm thinking about no longer cleansing or moisturizing on a daily basis. Instead, I might try just washing with water, and not applying anything to my face. Is this a good idea? Has anyone here tried this before, if so, has it helped?
  7. Right now I use a cleansing bar once per day, and I apply the egg white/yolk mask once per week. Occaisonally, when my skin looks dry I apply a little jojoba oil. That's about it.
  8. It didn't used to be this way. I used to have problems with facial redness, and they went away when I stopped using benzoyl peroxide. But now, it's come back with a vengeance. It could be worse, but this is still really bothering me. I have before and after pictures, and I have no idea why my face looks so bad now. Can anyone help me out here? EDIT: Sorry, the newer picture wouldn't upload, so I had to use a different host. And the newer picture is above the older picture. http://img37.imagesh
  9. I have spend the last two years experimenting with various topicals, masks, diets, and the like and nothing is working. Overall, I can't say my acne has significantly improved since I first started treating it. My acne problem has gone beyond frustrating and I can say at this point I can't think of anything else to try, so I'm coming here for help. I'm open to recommendations, although I've already tried so many different things. Here a mighty list of everthing that I've experimented with that I
  10. I applied an egg white and egg yolk mask for the first time five days ago, and it has done absolutely nothing. I also steamed my face before applying the mask, and that was my first time steaming too. Sadly, my face hasn't improved at all, and I had so much confidence in this new regimen. Have I not waited long enough for this to work, or should I have gotten some results by now?
  11. I started gradually subtracting foods that contained gluten from my diet in early February, and by the beginning of March gluten was completely eliminated from my diet. Unfortuantely, I have yet to notice any positive changes since I went off gluten. In the last month and a half I have not consumed any gluten at all, but lately I have considered eating whole wheat bread and similar foods again. Should I wait longer before giving up, or am I at the point where I can declare this diet uneffective?
  12. Back in September of last year was when I started improving my health. I began making commutes by bike to school almost every day. I also added lots more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and removed a significant amount of the processed foods that I used to consume. Although I noticed some changes, improvements weren't substantial until I made two adjustments to my lifestyle. The first one was removing dairy from my diet. The second was applying lemon juice topically. By the end of November, I
  13. About a month ago I decided to experiment with my diet by removing all foods containing gluten. However, after just a week I gave up the diet because things were going terribly. I experienced drastic mood changes, felt extreme depression and the slightest things were causing me to have a mental breakdown. A few days after starting the diet I also noticed some new pimples. Prior to starting the diet, my skin was nearly flawless. I never had more than a couple small pimples at a time, and no scarr
  14. I'm thinking about going on a gluten free diet and am wondering whether I should remove all the gluten foods from my diet immediately or gradually reduce the amount of gluten I'm eating. Anyone know what I should do?
  15. When you stopped eating gluten, did you quit cold turkey, or gradually reduce the amount of gluten you were consuming?