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  1. bunnyhoods12

    getting rid of spots

    Hey I use stievamycin too (tretinoin 0.01% and erythromycin 4%), and it has worked wonders on my skin. However I still get have these red marks. But after using the cream for 2 months the swelling and marks have died out a bit. By at least 20%. My doctor says that within 40 weeks you should see full improvements about those scars. And besides the cream, I am taking minocycline as well (100mg). I have heard about claims using lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. And I did try it last year.
  2. hello. thanks for the comment and i'm so sorry for getting back to it late. but i used retin-a micro 0.1

    1. bunnyhoods12

      Vitamin E on skin

      Where can I get vitamin c serum? Is it available over the counter? And regarding skin. Has anyone tried accutane or minocyline? I am on mino and have been on it for about 3 months. It helps keep the acne at bay, but am wondering if it helps with the hyperpigmentation. Does accutane help with hyperpigmentation?
    2. bunnyhoods12

      Vitamin E on skin

      I think they sell vitamin e in oil form. Wouldn't that be much easier and more effective instead of popping them out of the capsule case?
    3. bunnyhoods12

      What to do about oily skin?

      Try using a soap-free cleanser (one that doesn't foam). I recommend cetaphil or spectro derm. Also use an oil-free moisturizer. Sometimes during the afternoon when my face gets the oiliest, I use a tissue to absorb most of the oil.
    4. If I remove all the little micro hairs on my face... Will it prevent future acne?
    5. Where can I get this AHA I keep hearing about.
    6. bunnyhoods12

      I need your advice

      Hmm... It is too dark to see anything. Do you have better pics? But from what I can tell, I will tell you to avoid chemical peels, dermabrasions, until you find a good doctor. My friend had a acid wash done and she was 22 when she had hers done. 3 years later her face was still reddish. You should also research some reviews and side effects first before you consider anything. As of now the best advice I can give you is to try putting on moisturizers that are oil-free and has at least spf 1
    7. bunnyhoods12


      I have had hyperpigmentation for almost 2 years now. Last year I was using Bio-Oil and used it for more than a year, about 16 months. I used it twice daily after washing. But I find that it didn't do much. I think time helped much more than Bio-Oil. Honestly I think I got at least a 10% reduction in redness. I guess it works differently for some people though.
    8. I have a lot of them on my cheeks. I had them for about 2 years now and they don't seem to be going away. Anyways I have medium olive skin and my skin is smooth, rarely any acne but I have these marks that doesn't seem to go away. Any tips? My regimen is this AM Minocyline 100mg Cleanse with spectro jel (combination skin) moisturize with cetaphil spf 15 facial moisturizer PM cleanse with spectro jel (combination skin) wait 15 min and apply retin-a 0.01% and erythromycin 4%
    9. I know what you mean. I had these scars for two years now, and I have similar marks as yours but I don't have cyst anymore. Anyways my doc gave me minocycline and treitinol (don't know if i spelled it right), for three months now and i see some improvement. Nothing big, but it kept my acne at bay. But I have these scars that doesn't seem to go away. Any tips?
    10. bunnyhoods12

      Which reduces red marks better?

      I don't know about those. But all my brother did was take a lot of flax seed oil. He drank it after every meal. And like 6 months his face is completely clear. Not a scar on sight. He doesn't even wash his face with a cleanser nor use any lotion. I wish my skin was as good as his. Right now I am using retinol from the doc. And I have yet to see results. Also my friend said the she was using a lemon and egg white mask. I don't know too much about it but it worked wonders on her. Maybe
    11. bunnyhoods12

      Finally! Spectro HydraCare!

      Glad I found this post. I recently bought the blemish-prone moisturizer at safeway. Using a club card it cost me about 9 bucks. Anyways I have been using cetaphil facial moisturizer and it has been great so far. I want to try something new and I went and bought hydracare. I'll update in a few days to see how it goes.