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  1. My pores always tend to get clogged and blackheads everywhere and occasional pimples but its more the blackheads they are so freaken hard to treat. My skin is sensitive and using scrubs is to harsh on my face but i was thinkin if my pores were constantly maintained they wouldnt need to be exfoliated. Yesterday i couldnt take it anymore so i used the c&c blackhead pads to rub off the excess sebum that seems to always take over my face. I diluted the pads with water and rub all the gunk (skin,
  2. Has anyone tried carleys regimen for body acne. If so details.
  3. Dipitlow: How do you incorporate this almay into your regimen. Do you use it everday? Do you cleanse with bar before? AM, PM? Do you moisturize afterwords?
  4. SA WASH/SCRUB as opposed to toner. I want as basic of a routine as possible my major dilema is blackheads and i just wanna work a routine that caters to my sensitve skin but works effectively. You can do research til you are blue in the face but it just ultimately depends on how you face reacts. That is the major problem with blackheads, pimples etc. It can be so easy once you figure it out but until then it experimenting and tweaking.
  5. Is it the best moisturizer for dry sensitve skin. I use basis bar and my skin feels tight and gets flakey what should i do? do anyone have this problem if so what OTC products can i buy.