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  1. i agree. while I WOULD like my acne to go away, i have to say i am not a fan of the baby face, perfect skin look. I like a face that has a few scars, one that shows personality and shows that the person is a humna, not perfect. I have a few scars that I actually like, and if the rest of my acne would go away, i would be completely happy with the scars I do have, rather than smooth perfect skin that's TOTALLY true...I agree with you.
  2. Imagine is suddenly you could clear your face in 5 minutes!!!!! Well, i was thinking about how "great" (lol) it would be if you could "peel" your entire face skin and get a totally new,clear face in less than five minutes. So, tell me what you think and if you have any other crazy ideas just post them below and lets have fun thinking about crazy solutions!!!! LOL!!!!
  3. Everything that you've said is true i almost feel the same way...but that's the way life is ....we just have to learn to live with all the adversities that it brings us....