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  1. in my society, the culture is that almost all of the twenty somethings, even thirty somethings if single, live with their parents. Because housing is extremely expensive and limited in my country, and they give priority to married people as my government is very pro-family. It is the same in Japan too I believe. I would love to live alone though.
  2. yes I believe climate affects the skin. Also diet. Look at Japanese people, or Korean people. They have great skin and great diets.
  3. I have very oily skin but it can still flake. I have dehydrated skin. I still think oily skin people need a moisturizer. When I use a wrong moisturizer, especially those that claim to be for oily skin, my skin becomes even oilier and drier. Which means i need a moisturizer that actually moisturizes.
  4. Yes I have extremely oily skin (so oily that no one I met has such oiliness) but I don't have acne, just the occasional break out. I have to often excuse myself to blot my face at least once every hour or I will have pools of oil under the wings of my nose, and my skin can be so oily that on my t-zone I have droplets of oil. It is ridiculous. My fringe comes into contact with the oil and after a few hours it looks like it is wet or something. Where I live isn't helping, it is a tropical, h
  5. Use rice paper(brown) blotters. I read they are better than the latex (clean and clear blue sheets) ones.
  6. How did you realise you had DVT? I was on my second pack of Diane 35 and I felt a constant chest pain in the right side of my chest, and shortness of breath. I read online that it is symptoms of blood clots. By then I was in my 7 day rest period. So I went to the GP and got myself prescription for Yasmin as it has a lower dosage than Diane 35. I am on my first pack of Yasmin for 2 weeks now. My chest pain now seems to be pretty much gone, but sometimes I feel like my heart seem to pump faster.
  7. I have been reading up a lot on BCP for acne control. I don't have severe acne, just the occasional breakouts, but I have extremely oily skin and BCP is supposed to help with that (those with anti-androgen properties like Diane 35 and Yasmin). I tried Diane 35 first as it has the strongest dose. It did help, I didn't expect a miracle, as my skin is still very oily if I don't blot. But it takes a longer time to get very oily. My friend also commented my skin is less oily. However you need to mon
  8. I used benefit and clinique's pore filler primers and they caused severe clogged pores to my skin. i came to ralise i can never use silicone-based products or primers on my skin. it seems it is mostly the area between my eyebrows that is most sensitive. I stopped using the clinique primer for a week now but the few clogged pore remain. They are like skin coloured bumps with a dent in the middle that has this whitish gunk tht is impossible to squeeze out. i think they are whiteheads. when they
  9. I have extremely oily skin, the type where I have to blot every 1 hour if not I'll look like a frying pan. I also have dehydrated skin, which means when I try oil controlling products, they end up drying up my skin and more oil comes out which makes my skin even worse. Does this dry out the skin?
  10. like what shoes said, it's mostly starch like potato chips. I don't have the ingredient list with me but it tastes signficiantly less oily and salty than potato chips. Think of lays potato chips but with less oil and less salt.
  11. haha I agree about Cristiano Ronaldo... I mean he's hot, famous and rich, plus he's so young too! He can get a shitload of women, he has a killer combination of all these factors! And I"m one of those swooning girls who watch the World Cup for Cristiano and the rest of the young, hot footballers hah! And he does have some acne but hey overrall he looks amazing, with the help of some aesthetic treatments. Personally I feel there are no disadvantages to sleeping with him..not only do you sleep
  12. I'm new to this whole omega fatty acids thing. I just read on MSN on how omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil can help keep the skin moisturized from inside. And for some people they have oily skin because the skin overcompensates for their dehydrated skin (I can have peeling, dry skin underneath pools of oil!). And how there is this theory that jojoba oil on the skin can actually help people who suffer from oily skin. I just thought of how if the skin is moisturized from the inside, would the sk
  13. nope, water doesnt' really help my skin. Maybe just a teeny bit. I have tried drinking a lot of water in one day (like 2 litres or more, I'm very petite) and my skin remains the same. What improved my skin was my skincare. But no harm drinking lots of water so that your urine remains clear. Just don't overdo it.