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  1. I was on accutane for severe acne. I ended the course in September. It worked... But I've been stressed out latley so I started breaking out. So to keep it under control I got a neutrogena saylicylc acid wash. And I started it today... But tonite I c red bumps forming... They look like forming pimples... Is the sayclic acid causing my new acne?
  2. eucerin should be fine. if it says oil free or w/e the fancy word for it is... ur good. i used cetaphil though, and it was fine.
  3. I have finished the course. i am now completely clear (thank god... i dont even kno im on these boards anymore! haahaa!) but... i went up from 20mg a day, to 40mg, then to the max of 80 mg a day. and i weigh about 125 pounds.
  4. I have just finished my course last week. I know this is going to hard to believe... especially from over the internet from some1 u dont know... but the hardest thing about this medicine is that it takes a while to work. I literally did not notice major improvement until the week b4 it was over. it was the last week of the 5 months, and it seemed like it magically faded. i had a huge breakout of cysts and whiteheads for 2 and a half months while on the course. wats happening to u, isnt out of th
  5. I finished my last pill last week. When should i expect my lips to be good w/o anything on them? And when can i wear my contacts w/o the problem of dry eyes. same for my dry nose... and i actually used to wax in between my eyebrows.. when can i start that again?
  6. I just finished accutane and I have red marks. Not rly bad. But just.. some marks that are left behind. If i use cetaphil after my clindamycn(from derm), will that help my skin fade the marks? any other tips like this? icing? cold water? please dont forward me to another thread, tell me to put some fancy oil on my face (no sugar or olive oil. dont wanna take the chance and my mom will think im insane..), or kits/acne ointments/etc.
  7. Im guessing my dermo would do it? So is it a lot of money to do? And is it considered a cosmetic? bc if it is, my insurance would not cover :(
  8. I just finish accutane and Im all clear thank god... but i got all the left over red marks. any advice for it?
  9. I am just finishing up accutane. Its my last month. And its also been a hard 5 months w/ the 3 month initial breakout.... but I am all cleared now at last but I still have a bunch of red marks, redish skin and just marks from old pimples. How do I clear this up? More moisturizer? Help...
  10. can some1 answer my question about the moisturizer? And does bp make red skin/marks worse?
  11. Some1 told me that spicy foods and sauces cause acne. Is this true? And also, I am just finishing off Accutane. The course worked but i have a lot of facial redness and red marks still. I dont need to moisturize. my face isnt that dry or flaky. but if i do moisturize more, will that help or worsen the red marks?
  12. Im at my 5th month (YES!!!! FINALLY!!!!!! ) and my breakouts are become less common and less severe (i only got like 1 little fading cyst on my face. thats it.) But I have red marks from old pimples, my face has redness, and there are wat it seems to be little holes (sorta looks like black heads). How do I get rid of these leftover marks faster? More moisturizer? Less mosturizer? No moisturizer? Wash my face more/less? btw, i dont use the moisturizer bc i dont need it at all at this point.