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  1. Recently, i have been feeling very down, i feel powerless about where my life is heading, im 19 and have been suffering from acne from when i was 14 give or take, over the years it has affected my self confidence on the inside without it being obvious to other people, it has come to the point were i belive the effects of acne on my self confidence is beyond repair. Before i carry on i would like to say before hand i mean no disrespect to people who work as shop floor staff, or people on jsa (be
  2. i cant really be botherd to type a big post, but lately my acne (past 2 months) has got so much worse, i dont no how i am even putting my shoes on in the morning and going to work, and in these past 2 months i have felt much more socialy unable to connect with people, people i know or just total strangers who ask me a question, i think maby because i dont approve of the way i look in the mirror, i cant understand how others could approve of the way i look, and tbh, i never ever seek anyones appr
  3. . those who feel they need to brag about shit like that are the ones who are the most insecure, plus i know exacly how you feel, i was standing out side a shopping centre waiting for a job interview, some guys walk past me who i used to hang around with, they just completely gave me shit, i was like, i would rather be a acne sufferer trying to achieve, than a non acne sufferer waisting my time doing stuff we did when we was 13, so dont worry, freinds come and go
  4. how do you get through life ?. im finding it hard to just get up in the morning, how do you find the drive to live ? . basically, i left college about a month ago, last job i had was in december, and the only true freind i have kept from school moved to australia last month, i have absolutely no life and i cant find the drive to make things happen . i know that these situations are probably normal, for instance i know im not the only person who cant find a job in the uk or the states or where ev
  5. your mum sounds like she cares alot for you, you have a maid and a mother some of us dont have either, just respect that she has some values that you dont understand, im sure she loves you alot
  6. if you take medication for acne .... dont smoke ... trust me
  7. i know im not the only one who gets that way ...... but i could be walking through a shopping centre, or getting my hair cut or anything .... and i start feeling really uncomfortable, but its not the case if im out with freinds its only when im alone . how do you people over come feeling socially uncomfortable ? ... (i should point out i get that way becuase of acne)
  8. no deffinatly not a 'turn on', but more of a connection, plus i think maby when i see a girl with acne im more intrested to get to know her personality .. as it may be exacly like mine
  9. ........... im done with breakouts, now i jus have scars on my cheeks, im not to worried about it, coz once ive moisterised they dont look to bad and i use an anti breakout cover stick but really ... nothing changes, your still in an 'acne' mindset, i was on a bus bout 8 in the morning really bright day, and the sun was beating down on my face and i didnt want anyone to look at my face in such a bright light , or wen im ina place full of people i still kinda feel shy people should really tac
  10. i feel bad today, as i have recently let a rare oportunity pass me by , not just because of the pysical apperiance of myself i.e acne, but because i felt ..... i wasnt good enough has anyone else been in this situation
  11. well good! lol there are lots of girls who aren't shallow. he deserves a good-looking girl just as much as the flawless jock =] and acne depression isn't really cliche, it's mostly just pathetic but i think most depression is, bc it's your own self who got you to the mental state you're at. i shouldn't be talking though, because I have my bouts of depression.. not gonna lie Exacly , wise words !
  12. im not going to publish a book on this post , take it from me, i know what it feels like to be depressed. if you want a better life , then stop kidding your self, if amputees from afganistan can climb killamanjaro we can do anything we want feel free to inspire others here
  13. well i supose wat ur saying is correct ...... but i know some guys that generally like girls for their personality .... but who knows those might be the creepy guys LOL