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  1. I recently got a large white head on the side of my face...it was much bigger than usual and I feared it would scar if I popped it so I left it applying benzoyl peroxide daily. It would not go and in the end I pricked it with a very small surgical needle and got rid of it that way (Sorry for the graphic description). It has now gone down and left the normal hyperpigmentation which usual goes after a few weeks. However, it seems very flat almost like a burn or scar. It is not an icepick scar. Im
  2. I dont think it has anything to do with folliculitis or what i use to shave. ive been shaving for over ten years and used dozens of different kinds of things, oils, Bzp Oxy shaving cremes etc etc. I get it on my forehead too and I dont shave there so it cant be folliculitis. Im puzzled!
  3. I've realised something major regarding my acne I have had since I was 13 (Im now 21). I have tried all sorts of treatments including proactive and accutane. The only thing until now that worked was accutane but I don't want to go back on it. I recently got back from a trip to Arizona and spent a lot of the time in the sun hiking. I have a tanned skin tone naturally, and during this time I went quite a lot darker. When I got back to the UK and my skin started to fade back to its natural ta
  4. If using benzoyl peroxide on my skin for acne; Would applying a moisturiser afterwards stop the accelerated skin aging caused by dry skin? Also.. Would applying it before or after the application of benzoyl peroxide stop the BP working on my acne? Which should be done first, moisturiser or BP?
  5. If using benzoyl peroxide on my skin for acne; Would applying a moisturiser afterwards stop the accelerated skin aging caused by dry skin? Also.. Would applying it before or after the application of benzoyl peroxide stop the BP working on my acne? Which should be done first, moisturiser or BP?
  6. I read that the drying of the skin caused by benzoyl peroxide causes it to age faster than usual. Is this true? If so, would moisturising after applying the benzoyl peroxide cream stop this? Would moisturising after applying benzoyl peroxide cream stop it working?
  7. QUOTE (AKL @ Sep 30 2009, 05:45 AM) I read a topic about maca some time ago, some people broke out after eating it. Maybe try to avoid it for some time and see what happens. I did a parasite cleanse (a colon cleanse actually), it only gave me more energy. At the time I had spirulina, maca and zinc. That helped a lot. I added chlorella (didn't use maca anymore). My experience is that you have to take spirulina and chlorella in high amounts to be really effective. At least 10 grams daily, but you
  8. I get more than the RDA of protein in the smoothies, wheat grass, spirulina, spinach I have each day. My stress levels have been high for years and I have gone through serious depression in the past. I have tried to lower them, I do yoga, meditate, drink calmomile tea, excise frequently and a lot...but nothing really helps. I don't know what to do anymore, I have the most self concious, self esteem destroying day today ...I DONT want to go back on accutane!
  9. Sorry but that isn't really any help. That information is said on every acne site, every acne book, every acne resource that has ever been created as the basic fisrt step. In the majority of times, just washing with a cleanser for acne prone, oily skin does not help much at all. The problem is internal.
  10. Firstly, if you intend to help please read this entire post, not just part of it, as I have seen a lot of replies on these forums where users have asked questions in a topic where it is all explained if only they were to read the whole thing! If you do read it I will be very appreciative! I was wondering, has anyone done a parasite cleanse and had acne relief from it? I recently completed blessed herbs colon cleanse and realised I am stuffed full of paraistes! Maybe these are what are caus
  11. No, don't go prescription antibiotics. They will f*** you up inside. They kill all the beneficial bacteria in your digestive transit, which 99% of the time leads to fungal and parasetic overgrowth...whcih in turn can, will and does cause even more stubborn acne. Not only acne, but if left un inhibited, conditions like multiple sclerosis, chronic digestive and inflamatory problems and joint disorders have been proven to take hold when your digestive flora has been disrupted by anti biotics.
  12. Female or male? If you're a female then you should see your GP and tell him to do hormonal exams which are pretty easy...If you're not a female then you should first try what the guy above said (I'm following most of what he wrote, and I've had major improvement) or maybe another possibility could be that your Accutane cure wasn't done right (I've had a friend which had to do another cycle because the first derm put him on a dose which was too low!) And Im male
  13. I did have a diet overhaul...I eat only raw vegetables...completely raw! And I take a multi vitamin, acidophilus, digestive enzymes.... I avoid caffine, alcohol, wheat, dairy...saturate fats...eat COMPLETELY organic, drink 3 litres of alkalised, filtered water everyday....but NOTHING
  14. In reply to Italianboys post...I have seen a dermatologist before, and he said it was just acne and put me on accutane which cleared it up, but came back within a month of stopping it. I've been on oxytetracycline and various other antibiotics prescribed by my doctor, all which disrupted the balance of intestinal flora inside, which in return caused other problems I had to deal with. I'm not sure if I suffer from hormonal imbalance...how do I find this out? I had a bionetics hair test done o
  15. I am new here, although I have been reading up info and other peoples experiences from these boards for a long time. A few years ago I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis and was hospitalised. Before that I had been on many drugs, anti inflamatories, anti depressants all sorts. After going through virtually ALL of the OTC supplements and facial regimes, I decided to take a deeper look at my acne. I figured, since I had been on so many drugs, I may have a fungal overgrowth in my bo