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  1. I'm having the same problem here.....after a year and a half of using Dan's old BP i didnt really have any redness or dryness problems....but after my first use of the new BP gel,even tho i used the same ammount and applied it the same way,my chin,upper lip and nose area(my problem areas where i apply BP) became bright red once the BP started to sink in....a problem that i usually only had with other brands of BP i had tried over a year ago. The same thing happened this morning,but i'll keep usi
  2. well,bp does kill of the bacteria,which is one of the factors in acne,but the other major factor is dead skin cells clogging up your pores which bp doesnt help. im no expert,but i figure if your pores are clogged,then the BP can't get in and do what it's supposed to,thats why its good to make sure your skin is properly hydrated to keep skin cells from flaking off before they're due,and maybe using a moisturizer with a low ammount of salicylic acid (.5 to 1%) may also help keep things in order
  3. yeah dude,i started the regimen a year ago,and after a few months my acne had been severely reduced to almost nothing,so then i started to rush things.....i would wash my face all sloppy,rush putting on the bp and then apply the moisturizer immediately afterwards without waiting the recommended 5-15 minutes,and sometimes i would just totally skip the regimen,especially if i had to go to a party or something during the night....and i paid for it,broke out pretty much at all my problem spots and g
  4. Well,if you're using a 1/3rd of a finger lenght of 10%bp,i guess jumping into the whole finger lenght of 2.5%bp that dan suggests for people who are one month into it shouldn't cause a problem eh,but you may want to start with only half a finger for a few days since Dan's BP affects some people differently,and you may need some getting used to it,but in the end im pretty sure you'll agree Dan's BP is far superior. EDIT:by that i mean a finger-lenght for your WHOLE FACE,so yeah adjust that to a
  5. I've always used Cetaphil cleansers,both bar and liquid,to clean my face and for me it's always worked well,doesnt overly dry out your face and arent that expensive compared to others. As for salycilic acid,i've been using Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer with .5% SA for almost a year,and as for irritation when i apply it,it only SLIGHTLY stings,in fact it kinda feels like splashing cold water on your face when using it after applying BP. Now, .5% SA is a minuscule ammount,and im not su
  6. When i see those pictures of what supposedly came out of actual living people(you know,those pictures where apparently a person defecated a huge ammount of slime)the first thing that jumps into my mind is "scam". Seems like in the past few years hundreds of cleansing products for everything from your mouth to your colon have popped up,with most of them being sold exclusively on the internet(usually sites that sell these things are a bit shady and,when you get down to it,offer little to no inform
  7. Trying to pop a whitehead will just make it come back most of the time,and it'll probably come back even worse. The best thing to do is to not touch or do anything with your pimples,but if you absolutely must,wash your hands and PULL on your pimple(put a finger on each side and pull on it instead of trying to push the puss out). If it doesnt pop,it simply means it isnt ready yet and best just leave it alone.
  8. Dont worry,when i was in the early stages of The Regimen i had the same problem around my eyes and chin,and after i got over the dryness,they all went away. Wrinkles are caused by your face moving over years and years,the wrinkles that you have now are probably just because you're dry,and even if you put on alot of moisturizer,they'll just go away momentarily,but once your skin becomes accustomed to The Regimen,then your skin is gonna balance out and they'll go away.
  9. You know,i've been fighting with myself for a long time to find out whether or not acne has anything to do with what you eat. Problem is alot of people know wayyyy too little about how your body digests food and the effects of insulin on the body to be making such claims with or against anything. Yes,high-GI foods do spike your insulin levels for a short time,releasing several hormones through the body,but milk and chocolate wouldnt be the only culprit,since most everyone that abides by such die
  10. I was clear for about a good 5 months last year until this past January,thats when i was perfectly clear and started slacking off(missing BP applications,not doing all the steps like i used to,etc) and i broke out...but i started doing things by the book again two weeks ago and i'm clear again like i used to be(plus a few redmarks). I'm from atlantic Canada,and before i started the regimen i'd have considered myself a moderate case of Acne.
  11. If you're using 2.5% BP,then things shouldnt be that bad to start with,however i would put on plenty of moisturizer and carry the bottle with me in case if you start getting dry during the day. Before i first started the regimen almost 7 months ago,i would just rub my face with a washcloth and apply 5% BP without any moisturizer, and i got ALOT of flakes and redness etc....but the first day i got my first tube of Dan's BP and applied it,i could feel a difference already since it was so much mild
  12. Proactiv has worked for alot of people,but it's pricey and you could do just as good and probably even better if you followed Dan's regimen,and it should end up costing alot less,too. http://www.acne.org/regimen.html However,make sure you read everything over a couple of times and do things precisely as he details them,because the regimen worked great for me but after a while i started slacking off and jumped over a few steps,and i started breaking out again. So if i were you i'd ditch Proact
  13. You cant become "immune" to BP,because the p.acnes bacteria that live in the pores and cause pimples CANNOT become immune to BP. The p.acnes bacteria cannot live in the presence of oxygen,and BP is an oxidant that the bacteria cannot become immune to. So yeah,if you've been on the regimen for about a month and arent using the full dose of BP that Dan recommends,you might want to start doing that and it should fix things up.
  14. I think most of you are confusing whiteheads with pimples. Whiteheads are simply a clogged pore that isnt infected,which means that it should crust up and fall off pretty quickly and shouldnt leave a redmark(if you pick at it then you might get it infected,and then it'll turn into a pimple,which most of the time does leave a redmark). If you have a whitehead thats red and swollen underneath,that means you have a pimple,which is a whitehead that got infected,and those are best left alone because