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  1. Im back you guys. I will keep you updated on my progress spironolacetone + Tretinoin + BC
  2. Well here I am back again, my acne came back after 3 years. I am now on Spironolacetone, I will keep you updated on my improvements.

  3. I have been on Accutane going on 4 months, I've seen MAJOR improvements. Yes dry skin ALOT! it gets WOORSSEE before it gets better, trust me! Times, I didn't want to go out in public knowing I have pimples covering my face, and skin peeling off the pimple or off myspace. I constantly kept Chapstick. My lips got a lighter color--way lighter then my complexion, Looks funny? Yea it does. I'ne never thought of suicidal. Tiny nose bleeds here and there, alot of laziness! But its all worth it trust me
  4. Miisz Teaa


    Will using this help me get better?
  5. Thought I'd never found something
  6. Hey! I started Accutane (Claravis) in September, so I'm on like the 4th month on it. 1st two weeks was fantastic improvements!! After that complete failure! Dry skin, Dry lips, Dry eyes, Skin peeling, Often nose bleeds, and laziness, and some discouragement (stress) but now I actually feel like its improving, this is the 1st i saw it cleared since 7th grade!!

  7. Have you ever tried Ambi Targeted Mark Minimizer for your dark marks?