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  1. Have you tried accuatne? It's a pill you take once a day usually for 5 months, you have your blood checked once a month. It's very easy to use, and works amazing! Look it up online. I've also seen huge success with the acne.org regimen. It's what I used to get clear, but my sister used Accutane. I would suggest looking into both..!
  2. Would I see any changes in using the regimen once a day rather then twice?
  3. im 14 and have had acne for 2 years. its not real real bad, but im always embaressed of it. i am on the acne.org regimen and have been for several months, and ive seen a little improvement. however, i do not want to put bp on my face for an unknown amount of time. should i start accutane? my derm said he could put me on it. what are your guys opinions?
  4. Sounds good, do it, and monitor your skin in the first week. If it gets worse, go back to before.
  5. I currently use it twice, but it over-dries. Is it ok to use it once a day?
  6. GOOD LUCK!!! I used NOTS at first, then bought some ACNE.ORG bp, and like it a lot better. Like I said, be persistent, patient, and I hope you get clear!!
  7. I'm on the acne.org regimen, but I get so irritated with having to do the same thing everyday... I was wondering if I should just stop using everything? Just use a gentle cleanser and some zinc? Please someone help me!!
  8. I'm 14 y/o and have had mild to moderate acne since I was maybe almost 13. I was on differin and duac with a antibiotic and was really clearing up, however I always find it hard to stick with something. I just get tired of putting stuff on my face every day,,,,, So I started the acne.org regimen, and I'm on my 8th or 9th week, and I don't have pimples, but red dots where pimples used to be. I was thinking about buying Zinc for it, is that good for it? Is there a pill I can take for acne, it'd be