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  1. So I just had my first treatment with PPX a couple days ago and the number of pimples on my face has about doubled. For those of you who are experienced with this treatment, is this common? Do you think this means the treatment is not right for my skin type? Thanks! <3
  2. I'm getting tired of jumping through hoops at my dermatologist's office so I had my dad (who's a periodontist) write me a prescription for minocycline. The dosage reads that I ought to take 2 pills every 12 hours, each pill at 100 mg, the first day beginning with two pills taken at once. There are a total of 30 pills in the bottle with no refills. My acne isn't terrible, just incredibly persistent, and my skin is very very sensitive. I am about 5'5" and without a scale I'd guess 115 lbs. I was h
  3. My face goes through cycles of ridiculously dry and super oily with pimples popping up consistently. Currently, my face is in the dry part of the cycle. So I made an appointment with the eschatologist at my dermatologist's office and she got me on a GREAT line of products called La Roche Posay. Mind you I was just in there this morning but the difference was so radical that I had to post something about it. It totally fixed the flaking and weird looking wrinkles that were forming under my eyes (
  4. I just started taking this detox tea that looks promising. I'm not sure of all that is in it but it has burdock root, dandelion and fennel which, in my research, are supposedly effective for acne. If you go to your local herbal shop they should have a number of herbs that should clean the blood and liver. Green tea is also great for cleansing. If anything just drink tons of water.