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  1. Hi everyone, I have been on accutane since late june (about 5 months). My skin is looking great- I cleared up around month 3 and have only gotten 2-3 pimples since... which is a miracle. I still have some scarring, but they seem to be fading. I currently have something that feels like a small cyst on my chin that has been there for awhile and has not gone away, but it is not painful or noticeable. Basically, I want to quit my accutane, but I have 2 more months of treatment left(or more accordi
  2. I started my Accutane treatment with 40 mg/day on June 17, a few days after I graduated from college. The first couple weeks were absolute hell. Week 1: Major initial breakout along my chin and cheeks. Mostly papules and pustules, not cysts at least, but just as painful. Side effects: headache, chapped lips, extreme moodiness/unhappiness, flushing, dry nose, dry skin My original plan for the summer was to be in Maine for a dance internship. I thought this would be the perfect time to go on
  3. Age: 23 Sex: Female Height: 5'1 Weight: 115 lbs Treatment: 40 mg/day (1 pill) for 5 months I have had acne for as long as I can remember. I hit puberty really young, got my period in fourth grade. That's probably around the time my complexion problems started. It has done a number on my self-esteem throughout the years. I am now 23. I got my acne under control during the last few years of high school using birth control (ortho-tri-cyclen) and minocycline and some topical stuff. After high sch
  4. I have had a weird pustule/papule type bump on my chin for the past 6 weeks. when it formed it was really painful and big, i thought it was a cyst at first. then it shrank a lot and my derm injected it(it had already formed a head though). for the past 5 weeks it has been crusting over, but not oozing and is unsightful. any ideas? should i be worried?
  5. i don't know, i started eating brazil nuts over the summer (only 2-4 a day) and they did nothing for my skin... my skin was at its worst the past 8 months. i stopped eating them a week or two ago and have had little to no breakout... guess i'm looking for another source of selenium now.
  6. yes, i use cetaphil. no one cares about my other questions??
  7. I get these wraps that are made out of Teff... it's some kind of gluten free grain. I make burritos with them.
  8. I have a ton of questions and thought I would bundle them up into one post. 1) I was at a friends house yesterday, and he gave me some dried chaga mushrooms because a friend of his who had met me thought they would help with my skin. I have not found any information about this on the internet, besides they have some cancer prevention properties. I am drinking my first cup of chaga mushroom tea right now. 2)I have been taking DIM for about a week now. I have broken out into 2 cysts since taking
  9. Since I went to the dermo a few weeks ago and after him telling me I had 50+ blackheads around my T-zone, I have been consistently using the Biore strips. Now I have eliminated many of them for the moment from my chin and around the sides of my nose, but still on my nose my pores are black. But nothing comes out on the Biore strips at the moment. Do I need to be using a special blackhead scrub or special exfoliation or just get an extraction... I usually get one twice a year but it never keeps t
  10. Hi, for some reason, I cannot read past the first page of really long threads... every time I hit the arrow or page number button, the same page, page #1 shows up. Does anyone know why this is happening?? It is happening with this thread and others that are long. Anyways, as for the DIM, I just started taking it, only on day 3, but I have a question: Am I supposed to take 2 capsules at once with food, or 1 at 2x a day at separate times... The first day I took 2 at the same time, and yesterday I
  11. I was eating a lot of pizza for the past several months, and a lot of cheese on top of that, and I do not drink milk, but my skin was horrible. Granted, I have always enjoyed my pizzas and cheeses- its one of my favorite foods, but I recently gave up the dairy because my skin was doing so bad. I talked to my dermo about it, and she said that the only connection she knew about was between whole milk & acne, so they recommended trying different kinds of cheeses, but this is too complicated whe
  12. Awesome, yes, that is what I just did. I just cooked a ton of lentils last night- hopefully that should last me the week. No, I'm not veggie but have been eating less meat, do eat fish more than anything else, and having a cookout today to get rid of all my generic chicken so I can get some fresh, local, hormone free chicken! But def trying to stay away from red meat. Thanks, I will check out that thread.
  13. Thanks! That is an interesting connection. It seems to difficult to find food without soy in it, unless its just fruit or veggies. I think I will put the ACV off for now, too. I've been weary of soy b/c I have a cyst in my breast, but my doctor told me not to worry about the soy or caffeine(although I have severely limited my caffeine by cutting back from several cups of coffee a day to 1 cup green tea w/kombucha a day and i don't believe her anyways). I tend to eat a lot of Amy's or organic TV
  14. Hi all, I am finishing up my 2nd week being gluten & dairy free. My skin is looking okay, nothing radical has changed, except I did get a new cyst on day 4 of my new diet. There are several other factors I should probably mention- that week, I did eat casein on accident in some soy cheese. Since reading about casein, I decided I wanted to stay away from that too( even though in the soy cheese at my supermarket, they say it is "trivial"). Additionally, since doing this diet, I have noticed