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  1. That's the problem with acne medications (topical or oral), once you stopped, the acne would comeback. I am only using benzoyl peroxide bar soap right now and it keeps my acne under control.
  2. Aquaphor is basically petrolatum (petroleum jelly, aka Vaseline) on steroids. Ah Ok! petroleum jelly works great for my super dry lips..
  3. COMEDONAL ACNE The term comedonal acne refers to the pattern of acne in which most lesions are comedones (blackheads and whiteheads). Comedonal acne most often affects the forehead and chin. Comedones form because plugs of sebum and keratin (old skin cells) block the skin pores (follicles). Comedonal acne may be aggravated by: Hormonal factors Humid weather Oily products such as pomades, sunscreens and petroleum-based moisturisers. Management Choose oil-free cosmetics and wash twice d
  4. Take oral antibiotics for a week or two and continue to apply Benzoyl Peroxide...
  5. Use PanOxyl 10% bar soap to the chin/affected area only. don't squeeze them because the bacteria spreads.
  6. Read this story... http://www.thiele.fptoday.com/ta/acnefull.htm
  7. Don't stop! because the acne would comeback with vengeance.
  8. Im using PanOxyl 10% bar soap for about a year now.. it controls my acne..
  9. I have taken minocycline before, i think for 3 months, and made my face clear after a week of taking it.. the problem is, once you stopped, the acne would comeback with vengeance. So, i advice you to apply benzoyl peroxide cream or gel/soap while taking the minocycline. Goodluck!
  10. Wow.. Acne ruined my teenage life too... Continue with the regimen... coz, once you stopped it.. it will be a disaster..