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  1. The red mark could possibly be a sign that acne is starting to fester under your skin. I had that same thing happen to me and a couple months later it broke out into acne. I would probably just use salicylic products for your skin. Clearsil works pretty well. Make sure you are using a moisturizer though after you wash your face because the salicylic acid can dry out your skin and irritate making the red mark potentially break out into acne. Also you may want to consider looking at what you
  2. Hey guys! I need your advice. So I have been using BP for about 3 months now and I am pretty much clear. If anything I'll get a tiny pimple, nothing too big. I just now have to deal with these pesky red marks. Anyways, I read somewhere that BP produces free radicals on your skin slowing down the healing process which is why the dark spots stay for so long. So my question then is should I just convert to SA twice a day in order to avoid this? Or should I alternate between SA and BP? Let m
  3. Hey thanks for the response Frida! It's always good to rant. I just don't understand how you can all of a sudden break out at 20. It just doesn't seem fair. I thought I already got past that stage in my life! But are you doing anything for your red marks? I've been trying to do a bunch of stuff like ACV and AHA which has had some success but very little. I actually just started this stuff called meladerm that you might want to check out. Anyways let's hope we can fight these red marks and a
  4. I'm not sure how good of advice this is but maybe try dan's AHA + or the ACV method for exfoliation. Also, did you just use the meladerm on just that mark? I just got meladerm myself and have been using it on several of my red marks. I obviously havent noticed anything yet because it's only been a day but I'm gently rubbing it on my skin and if it spreads onto non red mark areas I just wipe it off. Also would you recommend me to keep using meladerm and how long did it take to see results?
  5. So I jut got a small tube of this stuff. Has anyone had any success with it? And if so how long did it take to see any kind of results? Also is it safe to use with Bp?
  6. Hey thanks carlitosbernal! I have actually gone to the derm but they really havent told me much other than to keep doing what I'm doing. They gave me epiduo with .1% adapalene and 2.5% bp which i still use and they gave me an antibiotic pill called doryx but I mainly focus on the regimen. I'll definitely take the diet thing into consideration. I've already cut pop out of my diet for the most part but I still need to make changes to my diet. Also the thing is I'm clear for the most part with
  7. Hey thanks! I may check out that clean and clear foaming acne cleanser. The only thing about SA is that it was what I originally used to get rid of my acne. I used nuetrogena oil free acne wash and it really irritated my skin and felt as though it made my acne worse. But perhaps it was just the nuetrogena wash that was bad and not necessarily the SA itself? Also do you use Bp or follow Dan's regimen? I've been using it for about 2 months now and now i have nasty red marks. I'm thinking abou
  8. Ok I been so fed up with my acne struggles as of late I just need to do a little venting so bare with me. So first off, I'm a guy and I never had acne in my entire life until this year, my sophomore year in college. Before this year, I always had clear skin and never thought twice about acne. I always considered myself somewhat attractive or normal looking as conceited as that sounds. Then all of a sudden I started to break out in college!!!! Something that I have never had to deal with my e
  9. Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah I most likely am going to continue using Bp my only thing is since my family doesn't have a history of acne would doing nothing aside from AHA maybe work? I also have tried ACV and baking soda which kind of helps. The only thing is I feel like it's a constant back and forth of whether I think it's getting better or not. I thought maybe doing something drastic altogether such as discontinuing the use of Bp would help heal red marks faster.
  10. Hello everyone! I need your advice. First off, here is my acne history. Throughout my entire life I never ever had a problem with acne. I always had clear skin and never thought twice about acne. No one in my family has ever had a problem with acne either. Then in my second year of college I had a horrendous break out. I never thought it was possible but I had acne for the first time in my life at 19. I'm thinking the main cause was diet and stress but I digress. Anyways I've been on Dan