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  1. hey pedro, your improvement on tane is awesome! good luck! and yes during the tane treatment, sometimes we wake up with a 'better' skin and sometimes with a 'worse' skin, but yours i can see that you're gonna win at life
  2. should've stayed at home.. i regret i went out today and met my bf's brother with his gf with beautiful skin... it makes me feel so down now... DAY 13 nothin significant and i hate waiting.....
  3. wow you must be really happy when someone says that your skin looks great and beautiful! i must congratulate you good luck
  4. DAY 11 i think prednisone didn't do much on me, it's the fish oil that did better, i'll keep observing.. today is my students' graduation day and i really hate my acne problem today.. the venue was full of sunlight and i was so ashamed to meet the parents.. just a few parents i met backstage.. i wanted to go out to the stage and do farewell but the sunlight makes my acne seems like i'm having a chicken pox or measle only on my face, it exacerbates my acne! so i didn't dare... i missed it so s
  5. happy anniversary! hey steph i've just seen your new pics, u look gorgeous! and yeah we really have to avoid sunburn while in tane, as i live in tropical country, i always bring something to cover my face from the sun... did you bring umbrella or super big hat?
  6. cece,yeah i still don't know why it came back. but here where i live, it's the most usual to put tane on 10mg, they don't sell it at 40mg or higher here... and i don't know if people with low does will surely get the acne come back or not... but maybe low doses do need a second course, too bad i didn't realize earlier that i might need tane... and thank you for your kind words you're on fish oil 2grams daily too?? anyway DAY 10 Thanks God, i really do thank Him. mine is like getting better.
  7. hi rose, remember we have to be super patient while taking accutane.. i'm also stressing myself out cuz i've got a deadline to accomplish with clear face and this tane 'seems' not working.. we should give it some time tho... good luck girl
  8. cece, thanks for the uplifting words yes i'm relying on God too to clear up my acne for good.. He's the Doctor of all doctors, isn't He smileee..
  9. DAY 9 one said that my skin has SLIGHTLY improved compared to 1 week ago.. today, starting 2g Blackmores anti-inflammatory FISH OIL. tomorrow, starting prednisone.. --------- 19 days to go : pre-wedding photo--------------
  10. hi shelley, so this prednisone has been reacting really good then? my derm prescribes me prednisone for 7 days, lower dose on the 6th and 7th day; since i'm going to have my pre-wedding photo in a few weeks, i'm so stressed out! this prednisone should work overnight rite? i don't expect that this prednisone will clear me asap but i JUST hope on my pre-wed day, my skin is calmer..
  11. ah nice to read your improvement! good luck! i'm on my 8th day and new ones appears! sad...
  12. oh no... wot are these clogged pores and whiteheads!!! it's grouping which sucks and disgusting...
  13. pinkunicorns, yeah it sucks b/c i really wanted to attend her wedding.. well i had no other choice.. good luck to you too, hopefull our 2nd tane is for good,,, was wondering, when is the best time to put on the ice cube? right before washing? or after washing and before putting on topical??
  14. nikki thanks for the kind words yeah i'm trying not to be sooo stressful about this and stay cool. as i work in a school, you know i have to meet many parents daily and i hate it when they stare at my acne after i put on retin-a... they didn't say anything, it's just the STARE... annasui, i was on doxycycline for quite a long term and it also didn't help much.. both topical and oral anti-bio only hold down my acne, not curing it.. DAY 7: since yesterday, started to apply Wynne's advice, put