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  1. That is exactly the kind of folliculitis I get....lots and lots of whiteheads that I can pop easily, all over my neck, shoulders and top of my back. I went on the Atkins diet a few weeks ago and all my spots pretty much cleared up...I thought it was diet related, since I wasn't eating any sugars or carbs or wheat kinda things. Anyways this lead me to Candida. I am certain that is what I have, and I am currently on a candida cleansing diet. Seeing vast improvements every day. I'll soon be ab
  2. Just a quick update...Day 6 of my regimen. Hasn't got any worse but hasn't got significantly better. Don't get me wrong - my PF is at a manageable level moreso than it has ever been. I only took 5 fish oil pills yesterday and today. I have to buy some more and I will try for 10 a day again until the weekend. Been using the propylene glycol..it is very effective on any red spots I have (acne, PF, or otherwise) my skin seems to be adjusting to the drying effect of it finally.
  3. So it is Day 4 of my regimen. Still noticing vast improvements! I only took 5 fish oil capsules yesterday (in the morning), and still spray myself with a lot of propylene glycol in the morning, and before bed. I had a patch of acne around my left temple, and I dabbed it with the solution last night..woke up and it is gone! I think the severe drying effect helps the folliculitis as well as acne. My PF is pretty much all gone..it is truly shocking to me. I have flaky dry skin on my chest a
  4. OK so it is day 2 of me taking 10 fish oil capsules. I am also using a propylene glycol/distilled water spray. Redness has definitely gone down! And some bumps have completely disappeared. Noticeable improvement for sure. But to which do I owe it? I am not so sure, I started using the PG spray before the fish oil. I do have quite dry skin on my shoulder and chest area now, and on my temple where I had some PF (which is completely gone now) I just moisturize the skin lots and use a scrub
  5. So I finally got my fish oil capsules today. They are by Natural Factors. Says each pill contains 1065mg of fish oil concentrate (anchovy, sardine), 630mg omega-3 fatty acids. Hope it is right! I took 5 pills just before lunchtime, and am going to take another 5 before bed. Wish me luck! I am also still using the propylene glycol/distilled water spray, since last Friday. I have moticed the marks aren't as red, and have gone down somewhat. I sprayed my neck becaue I get spots there some
  6. Not sure, but people trying the ACV regimen report that only organic works. It's easy to find, you can find it any big shop/supermarket. So I bought some organic APC...drank a cup of it...hideous taste!!! I'll keep this up over the weekend. I just got a flare up of folliculitis again because I took antibiotics after getting my wisdom teeth out, woke up and screamed cause I had it all over lol. And I also just got some propylene glycol today (I'm lucky, my friend is a pharmacist so he orderd
  7. So when you say you've cut down sugar..do you mean just extra sugar like in junk food, etc, or sugar that is in fruits, etc? And also for the ACV...I happen to have ACV pills...do you think that would have the same effect? They are each 500mg and I try to take 2 pills 3 times a day. Thanks!
  8. I was on minocycline 2 weeks ago, and broke out hideously after a week on my back and neck, shoulders and chest. From my symptoms it seemed like I had folliculitis. I read on this site about tyring Nizoral. Well after 3 days of using it, what I thought was bacne and body acne is almost totally gone! If you're not sure, you should give this a try. I have always suffered from back acne but turns out it has been folliculitis, and for now this treatment is working. It HAS just been 3 days, but
  9. I took minocycline for some minor back acne, or so I thought. After a week I broke out in small red bumps and whiteheads on my back, shoulders, and neck. I was reading that antibiotics can make folliculitis worse if you have it, and this sort of makes sense to me now, because I would always have red bumps on my chest with a hair in the middle. Does this sound like I have folliculitis? I bought some Nizoral today so hoping that will get rid of it. I have never had bad acne on my face or neck
  10. Did you have an initial breakout using minocycline?
  11. So I was prescribed minocycline just over a week ago, for some back acne. I woke up yesterday morning and my acne was worse than ever! My face had acne where Ive never had it before, on my neck too, and my back was covered, worse than it has ever been. Most of this acne is whiteheads. Has anyone had this experience? Should I stop taking it or is this an initial reaction and should I stick with it?
  12. You've got to be kidding..get married and your acne will go away? Sounds like your parents just want you to get out of the house or something lol
  13. I'm happy it's going well now for you! Though I am the type that I could not let him get away with it. I guess props for you that you can just move on