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  1. I dont like looking in the mirror it depresses me when i see my acne scars or when i have a break out,but it always looks different in different lightening ,when the light is strong it shows more soo i avoid looking in the mirror shit sucks ,wish acne didnt exist
  2. i think its the blood check up that u need to do every month while on accutane
  3. s_s

    7 weeks on roaccutane

    7 weeks on roaccutane
  4. How do i stop getting disappointed from people?I am tired of giving people chances and they always mess it up.I cant trust nobody no more!
  5. i hope i will look like u when i reach ur age :)

    1. thats a smart choice that ur starting off slowly,i jumped into it too qucikly started using so much retin a and no wonder i broke out so bad i thought the more i use it will heal quicker but after i reasearched i see that i made a huge mistake but ah well too late now,goodluck with ur progress hun
    2. yeah i am on my week 10 now on retin a i still break out but alot less than before i must say so i think the IB is calming down,and i also have alot of red marks too and cant step outside no where with no make up on so i know what ur saying ,but lets give retin a a little bit more time it might actually clear all the red marks and everything in the long run,goodluck and update me on ur progress
    3. yeah its easier said than done but i only get depressed over it when the initial breakout is bad and then when my face starts clearin up like the way it is now and i can cover the red marks with make up i dont mind then,i went out clubbin after my bros graduation had alot of fun :)

      1. i also dont know if its 100% genetics bcoz there are people with no acne backgrounds in their family and still get acne,but if ur parents had it u will most likely have acne too,it really sucks,i am also a compulsive picker like ur self it sucks but what can we do gotta keep our head up

        1. heyy well those pictures of my skin being bad have been taken 2 years ago but my acne returned almost as bad again,no i am not mixed alot of ppl think that haha from former yugoslavia originally,u?

          1. i do moisturize before i apply retin a at night and in the morning as well when i wash it off i apply the moisturizer but its been 2 months i will give it another month and if it doesnt work i guess i should try something else ,just tired of trying soo many things and not finding something that will eliminate them for life
          2. yea i tried changing my diet but i get even more breakouts but in the past few months i have been eating really healthy ,alot of fruit and veg and 8 glasses of water everyday,and back in the day i use to eat junk and i was clear so i dont know whats triggering my acne.Right now its prob bcoz i am on retin a so i am purging but its been two months,the inflammation has calmed down a little but i still break out alot, was on BCP before as well same thing didn't work,only accutane cleared me up nic
          3. Ughh i am so frustrated because of acne i wish that i could just find whats causing it and use something to stop it,i've been on accutane the strongest medication they have for acne and that didn't work ,several antibiotics and topicals and they always fucking come back!i am 2 months on retin a for the 2nd time and i am still breaking out and have some under the skin cysts ,its just soo annoying it really depresses me i dont want to do shit just stay in all day and sleep and if anybody wants to
          4. ok soo almost 2 months on retin a still purging but it looks like my face is getting slightly clearer its not as inflamed anymore ,i got alot of red marks and now that i am on my period few more inflamed zits but i am glad its getting better so in a month or so hopefully i will be clear
          5. heyy was just browsing through posts and came across ur page i gotta say ur still flyyyy and u shouldn't let ur scars bother u as much because they aint bad at all honestly!dont sweat it too much!

            1. yeah my face looks awful i am soo depressed ,it keeps purging constantly 2 months in and ughh its like okkkk acne u had enough stoppp freakin purging anymore lol wish i could talk to them and they would listen but they always work against me i dont know what to do anymore if accutane only cleared me for 6 months i dont know what else to take my acne always comes back ughh
            2. yeah i am 2 months on it and breaking out like crazy it just scares me when i look in the mirror and i cant show my face even to my family i have to cover my acne with make up 1st before i let anybody see my face,its soo depressin i really feel like going out and having fun but i am stuck inside for 2 months straight i've been breaking out from retin a its killing me i think i will give it another month and if its not getting better i will just stop it,its soo hard to figure out what exactly tri
            3. i am on 8 weeks almost and still breaking out alot hopefully i will stop breaking out soon because its just awful ,the IB was as bad as it was in 09 before i went on accutane its just depressing but hopefully in 2 months i will clear up...goodluck to u too and i will keep u updated on my progress u do the same! are u using any topicas bp with it or just retin a?
            4. i am thinking of getting a prescription of duac gel or some bp to use in the mornings ,would that help with the initial break out with retin a?
            5. yeah start off slowly .i made a big mistake by jumping into it and applying so much on my face thinking it would heal faster i should have known better and my face started breaking out and got soo inflamed from week 3 and now i am almost 8 weeks on it and i still break out and have alot of red marks and i started picking my skin i guess i will be left with more scars.Try to learn from other peoples mistakes and take advice from the experienced .Goodluck with it i hope u clear up before ur wedd
            6. hey i am also on Retin A just at night ,almost 8 weeks on it At night i moisturise after i take a shower and cleanse my face and then 30 mins later i apply Retin A,i read its not good to apply retin a on a moist face as it could cause irritation I dont want to scare u but Retin A caused a baddd IB for me i broke out really bad ,u should start off gradually when 1st using retin a These links have more info on how to use it check them out http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Tips-topi...ds-t
            7. things i like 1.my curvy body 2.hands/nails 3.being smart and a virgin at 21 things i dislike 1.my stretch marks 2.my hair 3.a small gap in my teeth that most ppl dont notice apart from me lol i could go on and on about dislikes haha