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  1. I dont like looking in the mirror it depresses me when i see my acne scars or when i have a break out,but it always looks different in different lightening ,when the light is strong it shows more soo i avoid looking in the mirror shit sucks ,wish acne didnt exist
  2. i think its the blood check up that u need to do every month while on accutane
  3. s_s

    7 weeks on roaccutane

    7 weeks on roaccutane
  4. How do i stop getting disappointed from people?I am tired of giving people chances and they always mess it up.I cant trust nobody no more!
  5. i hope i will look like u when i reach ur age :)

  6. thats a smart choice that ur starting off slowly,i jumped into it too qucikly started using so much retin a and no wonder i broke out so bad i thought the more i use it will heal quicker but after i reasearched i see that i made a huge mistake but ah well too late now,goodluck with ur progress hun
  7. yeah i am on my week 10 now on retin a i still break out but alot less than before i must say so i think the IB is calming down,and i also have alot of red marks too and cant step outside no where with no make up on so i know what ur saying ,but lets give retin a a little bit more time it might actually clear all the red marks and everything in the long run,goodluck and update me on ur progress
  8. thats cool i know how u feel it is hard. i just deal with it. im sure u look amazing still with breakouts

  9. yeah its easier said than done but i only get depressed over it when the initial breakout is bad and then when my face starts clearin up like the way it is now and i can cover the red marks with make up i dont mind then,i went out clubbin after my bros graduation had alot of fun :)

  10. hey you shoudnt let your breakout conrtol you life because in the end your freinds dont care about your skin the jus want to kick it with u. i know how u feel inside about yourself... but if you stress yourself itll make u breakout more.

  11. i also dont know if its 100% genetics bcoz there are people with no acne backgrounds in their family and still get acne,but if ur parents had it u will most likely have acne too,it really sucks,i am also a compulsive picker like ur self it sucks but what can we do gotta keep our head up

  12. heyy well those pictures of my skin being bad have been taken 2 years ago but my acne returned almost as bad again,no i am not mixed alot of ppl think that haha from former yugoslavia originally,u?

  13. your skin is not so bad. are u mixed race? genes suck